Technical updates to the site 2012

Listed below are the most recent technical changes to the site so that you can see what we are up to.
If anything here sounds interesting, why not get involved. You can email us here or come along to a meeting (see the What's on page)

19 Sep The bottom bit on lots of pages (including this page) was changed to make it less obtrusive and more attractive.
10 Sep The Home page now uses cycle to provide the slideshow. This allows for prettier transitions.
5 Sep The webcam archive page now has a slider for navigating the archive.
3 Sep New design for time lapse camera page uses fancybox show the YouTube videos.
26 Jun New page for information on cuckoos. This is intended to be a pattern for individual pages for each plant, animal etc.
21 Feb The 2012 news page has been replaced with the page previously called news snippets. Links to the old pages can be found at the bottom of the new page. This was done because so many of our news stories have been too short to warrant a whole page.
16 Feb The Gentle Tales menu option has been renamed to Island Tales because we have started to receive tales we wanted to include but which weren't 'gentle'. The new name reflects the fact that the stories are by or about islanders. This is the start of the menu changes.
4 Feb The What's on page has been redesigned. It is now blue and has the following features
  • Instead of having 3 tables down the page, the new page uses tabs to separate the information. The default tab shows Upcoming events, the old page had regular events at the top.
  • In the Upcoming events tab, it is also possible to view events that have passed by clicking a button. This feature was requested so that users can easily view the posters etc. associated with events that have passed.
The old page could still be seen (for comparison purposes?) by following a link near the bottom of the new page. (Note 2014-01-15, link removed)
2 Jan The current news page has been renamed to 2012.htm and moved to /news/2012 to make it more likely that an external link to the 'current' news page will get the one that is wanted in future. Links from the menu and noframes menu changed as well. (Update 2013-08-20, 2012.htm has been renamed 2012.shtml)
Recent updates renamed to 2012_site_updates.htm and the technical updates page renamed to 2012_site_updates_technical.htm. Both moved to /site_updates/2012 and changes made to the Home page.
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