Technical updates to the site 2011

Listed below are the most recent technical changes to the site so that you can see what we are up to.
If anything here sounds interesting, why not get involved. You can email us here or come along to a meeting (see the What's on page)

6 Dec New history page with all the text at the bottom moved into a separate article and a new colour scheme. The colour scheme is this one from Color Scheme Designer (page not working 2011-12-06).
20 Nov The event comment form now has a link back to the calling page. It has also been redesigned to look more like the Guest book page. To see an example select (almost) any recent news story (e.g. this one and then follow the write a comment about this item link.
29 Oct All of the 2011 news stories to date validate including the news snippets. Over 100 pages have been validated (see 16 Aug) and contain both a feedback link (see 19 Aug).
11 Oct Last pages using the FrontPage link to the Home page updated.
14 Sep Started using the :target pseudo-class from css3 to highlight the items on the news and news snippets page when linked to from the recent updates page. This should make it easier to find old news stories from the recent updates page. To see this in action, go the recent updates page and click on an item that says it is a news snippet.
5 Sep New table to show individual photo albums that uses (jQuery and DataTables to produce the table which can be sorted and searched.
29 Aug New Frackersaig rainfall page that uses (jQuery and jqPlot to produce the charts, and jQuery and jQuery lightBox) to display the enlarged photos. It also uses a javascript function to handle the stuff at the bottom of the page (the link to the home page, a feedback link and the verification logo).
23 Aug New Guest book that removes the need for FrontPage extensions. Also took the opportunity to reformat all the pages containing guest book entries (2001 to 2011 (current)) and structure them better.
19 Aug 50 pages now contain a feedback link.
16 Aug 50 pages now validated (see 2 Aug).
12 Aug First page (Ferries) to include a 'feedback' link at the bottom of the page to allow users to comment on problems and suggest improvements.
2 Aug Because this is the first entry, it contains ongoing projects:
  • Improved handling of pictures including slide shows and the ability to select pictures on a particular topic. This involves tagging every picture on the site (approx. 10000).
  • Better handling of video and audio.
  • Removal of features that use FrontPage extensions. This is so that we can use a server that doesn't have these.
  • Validation of HTML to XHTML 1.0 Transitional e.g. this page (look for the logo at the bottom of the page). To date 16 out of approx 1300 pages have been validated.

There are no archives because this page was only created 2nd August 2011

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