Listed below are the changes / updates / additions to the site made during 2011
Does not include updates to What's on pages, the Guestbook or technical changes.

Date added
29 Dec Hall minutes – Oct and Nov 2011
23 Dec News snippet about Aberdeen Angus beef
21 Dec News snippet about the Christmas post has been updated
20 Dec More on the storms (December 2011)
19 Dec Community Transport newsletter (December 2011)
17 Dec News snippet – compensation for loss of power
15 Dec News snippet – shop opening times over Christmas and New Year
14 Dec Gentle tale – Everybody and nobody
News snippet about an Ùlpan taster on 17th December
13 Dec Minutes of the Trust's AGM on 24th November 2011
12 Dec News snippet – How did the storm affect you?
8 Dec News snippet about postponed school café
7 Dec News snippet about lost property at the museum
News snippet about learning Gaelic?
5 Dec Glensanda donation to Community Transport (16th November 2011)
Meeting of the directors of the Community Trust on 12th December 2011
4 Dec Storm, power cut and snow
30 Nov News snippet about Dr Alasdair Hay
News snippet about the strike and the school
25 Nov English version of the minutes of the CELM meeting held in October
News snippet about an Argyll and Bute budget simulator
21 Nov New island business
17 Nov Launch of the sailing smacks display on 22nd October 2011
12 Nov Hallowe'en party on 29th October 2011
9 Nov News snippet – Film club reminder
8 Nov Gaelic versions of the minutes of the CELM meetings held in August and September
7 Nov News snippet about the 2012 Lismore calendar
3 Nov Community Trust AGM on 24th November 2011
2 Nov News snippet about the rainfall for September and October
31 Oct News snippet about the MacColl talk on 12th October
28 Oct Local lady in successful Mòd choir
27 Oct News snippet about a Brogans Fuels delivery on 4th November
25 Oct Minutes for the Hall meeting on 6th September
21 Oct Minutes for the CELM meeting on 22nd September
20 Oct Port Appin car park work from 24th October
19 Oct Problem with cars in Port Appin car park from 24th October
16 Oct Norma's presentation on 30th September
13 Oct Fairtrade fashion show on 8th October
New album of photos from Michael Jordan
12 Oct New website and Blog from Eva and Sebastian
9 Oct New album of photos from Audrey Blair
News snippet about a cleaning job
7 Oct School Green Flag inspection on 5th October
4 Oct News snippet about a CHORD consultation document sent to us on 30th September
School at the Oban Mod on 30th September
School grounds clearing afternoon on 24th September
3 Oct School Gaelic week from 19th to 23rd September
School informal presentation afternoon on 28th September
News snippet about the MacColls talk on 12th October
News snippet – school newsletter for September
Geraldine Coleman's diary from a holiday in June
News snippet – website with oral Gaelic stories
25 Sept Competition results
23 Sept Gaelic translations of the minutes for the CELM meetings in May, June and July
Minutes for the CELM meeting on 18th August)
21 Sept Minutes for the CELM meeting on 21st July)
Link to the Freeman family's blog (notified 21st September)
20 Sept School eco project (notified 19th September)
News snippet about the Art group resuming in September
19 Sept No refuse collection this week
Mairi Perkins retires (notified 18th September)
Brooks-Walker wedding on 17th September
15 Sept School Jump Rope Challenge on 14th September
13 Sept Hall minutes for the meeting on 19th July
10 Sept News snippet about nursing services
7 Sep Sunday school shoe box appeal 2011
6 Sep News snippet about new films in the film club
Comann Eachdraidh ceilidh on 27th August
29 Aug Updated rainfall figures in a new page
Museum Assistant Curator appointed on 1st August.
Exhibition of Donald Black's paintings and drawings from 21st August.
School's museum visit on 24th August.
News snippet about the health consultations on 25th and 26th August.
26 Aug Joy Dunlop concert on 17th August.
16 Aug Art and Photography Exhibition
14 Aug Alexander's tales
11 Aug Reviews of Iain Thomson concert
9 Aug Family Fun Ceilidh – first photos and text
5 Aug News snippet about the Uganda fund raiser on 25th June
News snippet about the reading challenge
News snippet about the sale of work on 22nd July
News snippet about the dance on 23rd July
News snippet about the Gaberlunzie concert on 29th July
Sports and raft race – results added
Lees-Young wedding on 28th July
3 Aug New page listing technical changes to the site (see above)
2 Aug More photos from the sports and raft race and a way to filter them
Associate membership of Lismore Public Hall
26 July Sports and raft race – more photos + more photos
25 July 10 year Anniversary Competition
Cottage for long term let
Sports and raft race – first photos and text
24 July Update on Baligrundle: Seal Hunting and Trouble at the Mill
22 July Property for sale – The Smiddy at Baligarve
Hall minutes for meetings in April, May and June
CELM minutes for the meeting on 16th June
21 July Health Care Evaluation
19 July Cal Mac Draft timetables 2011/2012
18 July News snippet about blackcurrants for sale
Dr Colin Anderson finally exposed
15 July Web Camera now at Achnacroish
14 July CELM minutes for the meeting on 18th May
13 July Hall minutes for the meeting on 25th May
News snippet about the Campbell-Paine wedding
News snippet about Fay's birthday
Link to new cafe website
12 July Reviews of Jimmie MacGregor concert
11 July News snippet about the ceilidh on 11th July
10 July School play and presentation on 27th June
30 June News snippet about Ceilidh trail
25 June Updated hall information
23 June School cycling award on 23rd June
Salsa Workshop feedback
22 June Community Transport minutes for the two meetings in June
21 June Gentle tale – A day on an island
20 June Information about Website Group
17 June School trip to Glasgow
13 June New page for finding out more about Liosachs
6 June New page for the Weigh in group
5 June Volunteers wanted for the museum archive
29 May MoonWalk
27 May Gentle tale – Dear Ducks
Community council minutes
25 May Election of Community Trust directors
CELM minutes
CELM AGM 2010 minutes
Defibrillation training
24 May Margaret Miller's photos added
23 May Hall AGM 2010 – minutes
8 May Job vacancy for Assistant Curator at the museum
7 May Landward
6 May News snippet about the moonwalk
Grant to the museum
30 April Gentle tale – Books and the Bootle
Minutes – Lismore Community Transport
29 April Easter party
School drama success
28 April Port Appin surgery website
27 April New photos from Ali Cunningham
26 April News snippet about the Community Transport EGM
22 April Hall minutes
17 April Stuff for sale, swapping etc
Energy awareness event
Bins at Achnacroish
News snippet about a musical trio
News snippet about the death of Kerr MacGregor
16 April Photo – MacIntyre Family Frackersaig
Margaret MacKichan photos added
12 April Live web camera
10 April New photos from Mark Smith
Lismore Energy Project minutes
30 March Saint Moluag and Bachuil pages updated
26 March Lismore Community Transport   minutes
News snippet about the Energy group reminder
Lismore Energy Project minutes
Candlelit Ceilidh
Fairtrade flags
Solar panels workshop
23 March Lismore Energy Project minutes
20 March Lismore Community Trust membership Forms and information
18 March Hall minutes
New photos for Ken Ross's album
16 March CELM Minutes
10 March Energy Project minutes
News snippet about the Scottish ferry review report
Raised beds at the school
News snippet about the Alzheimer's tea
News snippet about the Valentine tea
4 March News snippet about compost bins
Tracing the history of Baligrundle
1 March Notice of hall AGM
28 Feb New photos for Ken Ross's album
Walking for fitness
23 Feb Minutes of Lismore Community Trust Steering Committee
22 Feb Jessie Stewart
New photos for Ken Ross's album
18 Feb Community Council minutes
12 Feb Coffee afternoon
10 Feb New snippet about a committee skills session
Lismore Energy Project minutes
8 Feb Lismore Stores improvements
Hall minutes
2 Feb 1986 Doomsday Project
1 Feb Minutes of Wind Turbine public meeting
30 Jan CELM notice of AGM
27 Jan CELM mintues
20 Jan Poem
12 Jan Hall minutes
6 Jan Burns & Valentines nights – Book now see What's on page
New snippet about the Sandpiper Trust
Lismore Christmas Card Update

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