School trip to Glasgow

9th and 10th June 2011

The highlight of June for Lismore Primary School has been the whole school overnight trip to Glasgow. Joined by many parents, the excited group set off by ferry and minibus to experience city life at first hand! They began with a visit to the Glasgow Science Centre. After a packed lunch, the children investigated, pushed, pulled and looked at scores of different experiments as well as watching a show called “Journey through my body” about digestion, and visiting the Planetarium to find out about the sky at night.

The minibus then took the children into Central Glasgow where they checked into a hotel before setting off to a restaurant for Pizzas and Ice Cream. After a delicious meal and feeling very full, everyone was able to sit back and enjoy a film in the nearby cinema. The weary travellers were ready for bed when they arrived back at the hotel, but after a good night’s sleep were raring to go again!

After breakfast, the intrepid explorers walked to Buchanan Street Underground station, where they were met by an Underground Guard who guided them onto the train. Many of the children had not travelled on an underground railway before and were very excited by the escalators, the strange wind in the tunnels and the rattling train.

The minibus was waiting at Hillhead to take the children to the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre in Kelvindale for a puppet making workshop. Malcolm and Sarah explained how to make rod puppets and the children spent a happy and relaxed morning cutting, gluing and creating. Two hours later, everyone had made a puppet and was ready for lunch.

So the last stop on the way home was McDonalds for burgers and chips, before boarding the minibus for the final leg of the journey back to the ferry at Port Appin.

Provided by Catherine Davies on 15th June 2011
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