School Solar System – March 2015

Lismore Primary School has made a Solar System down the island. The Solar System starts at the telephone box at Point and goes right down to Loch Fiart. There is a poster for each planet that includes facts and a black circle which shows the relative size of the planet in our model. We used the computer to find the diameter of each planet and to work out the distances between the planets and the sun. Then we used a program to make scale drawings of each planet. The scale is one to five hundred million. One centimetre in our model is equal to five thousand kilometres in real life (roughly the distance from Lismore to New York). We decided how big the planets were going to be in our model and the computer made a map to show us where to put them on the island. The Solar System will be up until the end of April if you would like to follow it.

The site that the children used to fit the solar system to Lismore is here and the map to which Katie refers is here.

Text provided by Katie Cook on 25th March 2015
Other text, photographs and links provided by Lismore Primary School on 25th March 2015


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