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15th January 2015
2014 Rainfall

2014 was the fouth wettest year on Lismore since 1985. More information here. Thank you to David White for providing these figures for another year.

Provided by the Website Group on 15th January 2015
18th December 2014
Primary School Crib Service Postponed

Unfortunately the primary School have had to postpone tonight’s Crib Service, due to illness. This will now take place on Sunday evening (21st December) at 7.30 pm in the Church along with the voices concert.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 18th December 2014
17th December 2014
School newsletter for October to December 2014

The primary School have produced their second newsletter of the new school year, which can be found by clicking here

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 16th December 2014
16th December 2014
Lismore Stores - Christmas and New Year Opening Times

The opening times for the Shop are Post Office are available here.
Please Note: There are restricted bread and Milk deliveries over the Festive period.
David has asked that you let him know your requirements ASAP

Provided by Lismore Stores  on 16th December 2014
16th December 2014
Port Appin Ferry Times - Festive Period

All sailings are subject to weather.

24th    Normal Service
25th    No Service
26th    10.00, 12.00, 14.00 16.00 and 18.20
31st    Normal Service. Last Ferry 18.20

1st     No Service
2nd   10.00, 12.00, 14.00 16.00 and 18.20

Provided by Website  on 16th December 2014
13th December 2014
School USA Week

November 24th to 28th was USA Week at Lismore Primary School. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 13th December 2014
13th December 2014
Out of hours service

All patients of the Port Appin GP practice should have received notification that the practice has given NHS Highland notice that it wishes to opt out of providing an emergency out-of-hours service.

Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership (the local part of NHS Highland) is, in consequence, required to identify suitable alternative out-of-hours arrangements.

Argyll and Bute CHP arranged a drop-in event at Lismore Public Hall on 26th November 2014 to discuss with islanders the details of the alternative service provision it had in mind. The CHP invited patients to provide it with feedback on their experience of using out of hours services and of any concerns or questions about future arrangements.

The deadline for feedback from patients was originally fixed at 5th December 2014, but the CHP has since agreed to take account of all representations received up to the end of December.

Feedback forms (headed “YOUR STORIES!”) should be available in the surgery waiting room. You may prefer to send a letter or email expressing your views, in which case you should write to Caroline Cecil, Planning and Public Involvement Manager, FREEPOST RRYT-TKEE-RHBZ, NHS Highland (Argyll and Bute CHP), Blarbuie Road, LOCHGILPHEAD, Argyll, PA31 8LD or email caroline.cecil@nhs.net.

Remember that if you wish your views on this change to out of hours provision to be considered you need to make them known before the end of the year.

The flyer is here.

Provided by Julian Wormleighton on 12th December 2014
30th November 2014
Reshaping Care for Older People

The NHS is looking for our opinions on this. Here is a flyer with more information. There is also a drop in event on 10th December in the Café.

You will probably need to have read the booklet mentioned on the flyer or attended the drop in event before completing the survey.

Provided by Lorraine King on 29th November 2014
29th November 2014
Integration of Health and Social Care

Argyll and Bute Council would like to hear our views on the integration of Health and Social Care. More information on integration can be found on the Argyll and Bute website, on the Scottish government website and on a dedicated site. There is also information in the shop.

You can complete a questionnaire here or email socialcareintegration@argyll-bute.gov.uk or there are forms in the shop. They would like feedback by 23rd December.

Provided by the Website Group on 29th November 2014
29th November 2014
Return of the Eigg
MV Eigg

Our old friend the Eigg will be on the Achnacroish-Oban route from today (29th November) until 17th December inclusive.

Provided by CalMac on 26th Novemberr 2014
24th November 2014
Lismore Community Trust

Following the AGM of the Trust on 30th October, the composition of the new Board is as set out below.
Seven nominees were elected by the Meeting, and two further Members were co-opted promptly thereafter, bringing the total complement to 9.

We are currently getting ourselves organised and sorting out how we plan to work, on behalf of the island and our shared future.
We have agreed that the Trust is to be open and approachable, delivering policies and projects endorsed by the community - so do get in touch with any of us if you have ideas or concerns to share.
We are aiming to make our work accessible in a variety of ways, so that everyone can be aware of our activities.

We look forward to serving you, to the best of our shared abilities!

On behalf of the Trust Board - in alphabetical order of first names:

Anna Stewart
Clare Haworth - co-opted
Kiki MacColl
Mandie Currie
Marlene MacKinnon - Secretary
Mary Walker - co-opted; Vice Chair
Murray Willis
Sebastian Tombs - Chair
Teenie Wilson - Company Secretary and Treasurer

Provided by Lismore Community Trust on 24th November 2014
11th November 2014
Gaelic Café has restarted

The Gaelic Café has restarted and will run every Saturday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm in the Heritage Centre. More information here.

Provided by Helen Crossan on 10th November 2014
9th November 2014
Wettest October since 1984

Whilst September was the driest since 1993, last month was the wettest October since the Frackersaig records began in 1984. See all the figures on the Rainfall at Frackersaig page. Thanks to David White for providing us with these figures

Provided by David White on 8th November 2014
30th October 2014
Ex Granny Bus for Sale

The Ex Granny Bus is for sale by sealed bid.  Closing date for bids 8th November 2014.  More Information

Provided by Lismore Community Transprt on 28th October 2014
30th October 2014
Fuel Delivery

Gleaner Oil will be delivering to Lismore on Thursday 13th November 2014. If you wish to place an order, please telephone 01631 710389

Provided by Gleaner Oil on 29th October 2014
22nd October 2014
Achnacroish-Oban Ferry

Message from CalMac

Apologies for not sending this sooner but we've been finalising some vessel deployments throughout the company.

The good news is we will have the Loch Striven here until 28th November and there are no tidal disruptions in November so the timetable will be normal.

The bad news is that the Eigg will be on the run from 29th November until 17th December inclusive – this is because the Loch Striven will be in dock for her annual overhaul. This means that we'll be restricted to what the Eigg can carry - so no loads heavier than 18 tonnes etc.

We've looked at all possible ways around this but as it's the docking period for all of the vessels there just isn't anything available that we could utilise on the Lismore service.

Could you please pass this around the island so that all have time to get organised for the Eigg being on the run.

Provided by Cal Mac on 22nd October 2014
16th October 2014
Business Gateway – Meet the Adviser
Business Gateway logo

Do you have plans to start your business? Plans to develop or expand your existing business? A not for profit organistation needing help or advice?

Barbara Halliday, an adivisor from Business Gateway, will be on Lismore on Wednesday 19th November 2014. Barbara can meet with you to talk through your ideas and offer free advice in a confidentail one to one meeting.

For more information click here

Provided by Business Gateway on 14th October 2014
9th October 2014
Oban-Achnacroish Ferry Restrictions for October 2014

Due to tidal restrictions, the following timetable amendments will apply;

Thursday 09/10/14
14:00 ex Oban will depart at 14:35.
15:00 ex Lismore will depart at 15:35.

Friday 10/10/14
14:00 ex Oban will depart at 15:05.
15:00 ex Lismore will depart at 16:05.

Saturday 11/10/14
14:15 ex Oban will depart at 14:00(early).
15:15 ex Lismore will depart at 15:00(early)

Provided by Cal Mac on 9th October 2014
8th October 2014
School newsletter for August to October 2014

The primary School have produced their first newsletter of the new school year, which can be found by clicking here

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 8th October 2014
8th October 2014
Change to day for refuse collection

As from 27th October 2014 the refuse on the Island will be collected on Tuesdays.

Provided by Argyll & Bute Council on 7th October 2014
2nd October 2014
Wedding 27th September 2014

The wedding of Donald MacColl and Roxanne Prando took place on 27th September 2014.
The excellent day ended with a Ceilidh dance in the Hall, which was attended by most of the community, young and old.
We wish Roxanne and Donald all our very best wishes for their future together.
Click here to see some photos of the day

Provided by the website on 2nd October 2014
2nd October 2014
Lismore Community Trust AGM

Lismore Community Trust will be holding its Annual General Meeting on 30th October 2014. On the agenda is the election of new directors. Because of a recently discovered problem with the Articles of Association, none of the current elected directors can stand again and so we need a completely new board. If you think you might be interested in being a Trust director, you might like to read Beth's call for directors. There are some proposed changes to the Articles that will be voted on. There is also a form for nominating a director along with some ballot guidance notes. Please note that completed Nomination forms must be returned to the Registered Office by 22nd October. Attendees will also be asked to approve the accounts.

Please do try to attend but if you can't but would like to make your views known, please complete a proxy form and send it to the Registered Office at 7 Port Ramsay. Both Bob Davies and Beth Campbell are willing to act as a proxy for any member and so can be named as your proxy on the form.

Copies of all of these forms can also be found in the shop.

Provided by Lismore Community Trust on 2nd October 2014
1st October 2014
Scottish Rural Parliament visit to Lismore 6 November 2014

The Rural Parliament movement spans Europe.  It is not a formal part of government, nor is it a parliament in the sense of a legislative or decision-making body. It is a ‘bottom-up’ process of involvement and debate between the people of rural areas and policy makers to enable better understanding, improved policy and action to address rural issues.

Oban will be the location for the first ever Scottish Rural Parliament, taking place from 6th to 8th November 2014. The Rural Parliament will bring together the people of rural Scotland and policy makers to enable better understanding, improve policy making and address rural issues.  Around 400 people, including delegates from all over Europe, will gather in Oban for the three day event which will develop and agree a way forward for rural Scotland as well as celebrating the strengths and achievements of rural communities.

The Island of Lismore has been chosen as one of the study areas for the Parliament.  This is a great honour.  Delegates will travel to the island on the morning of 6 November.  They will be welcomed and refreshed at the Heritage Centre and, in the afternoon, there will be a "workshop/round table discussion" about several of the themes of the Parliament:  sustainability, transport and infrastructure, heritage and Gaelic. It is important that all of the groups, and individuals, on the island have the opportunity to take part in this afternoon session. More information can be obtained from Nic Jones  and at www.scottishruralparliament.org.uk
Provided by Bob Hay 25 September 2014
17th September 2014
Church of Scotland Vacancy

The linked parishes of Appin and Lismore have a vacancy for a Minister.  A profile of both parishes can be found on our Church page.

Provided by the Church on 17th September 2014
15th September 2014
Private Water Supply Improvement Grants

Grants of up to £800 are available from Argyll & Bute council for improvemens to Private Water Supplies.
More information

Provided by Website Team  on 15th September 2014
11th September 2014
Oban Ferry Restrictions for October 2014

Oban Ferry restrictions for October 2014.

Thursday 09/10/14
14:00 ex Oban will depart at 14:35.
15:00 ex Lismore will depart at 15:35.

Friday 10/10/14
14:00 ex Oban will depart at 15:05.
15:00 ex Lismore will depart at 16:05.

Saturday 11/10/14
14:15 ex Oban will depart at 14:00 (early).
15:15 ex Lismore will depart at 15:00 (early).

CalMac Ferries apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Provided by Cal Mac on 11th September 2014
3rd September 2014
Important - Website Email problems


We have been experiencing problems with our email account at the website.
This has affected both


If you have sent an email to either of these addresses in the past week, please could you re-sent it

Provided by Website Team  on 3rd September 2014
30th August 2014
Trust vote on the wind turbine proposal on 30th August 2014

There were 46 votes cast by members of Lismore Community Trust on the proposal to place a 50kW wind turbine at Baleveolan. 23 members agreed with the proposal and 23 disagreed. The Board has decided that this does not represent a clear mandate for it to continue with the project and so has instructed the Energy sub-committee to cease all work on this proposal. This was the only viable site available to the Trust and so all work on wind turbines will cease. The Energy sub-committee will continue its work on solar power, energy saving and produce markets, the next one of which is on 13th September.

21 non-members also asked to have their opinions recorded. Of these, 3 agreed with the proposal and 18 disagreed.

The Board would like to thank everybody who contributed to this project – firstly the members of the Energy sub-committee who gave willingly of their time and effort, the landowners who generously offered their land in the hope of providing a benefit to all islanders, to the consultants for all of their work and last, but not least, all of the islanders who followed the project, studied it and then voted. Thank you all.

Provided by Lismore Community Trust on 30th August 2014
27th August 2014
Scottish Crofting Federation Course

We have been asked to pass on inforamtion about a Scottish Crofting Federation Course in Duror / Kentallen

Scottish Crofting Federation Entry Level Induction.
This course is designed for new entrants, recent assignees, aspirant crofters and anyone wishing to know more about modern crofting or smallholding.

DUROR and Kentallen Community Hall Lochaber/Argyll 2 Day Intensive Course, 25th & 26 October 2014.  
Contact Liz Paul on liz.paul100@gmail.com

Price £60 (£120 if employer paying) £50 for SCF Members/Concessions, free to under 18’s and those on certain benefits.
Provided by the SCF 27 August 2014
26th August 2014
Messgae from Cal Mac re September Ferries
We have had new parameters put in place for using the Loch Striven which means we can use this vessel as long as the tide in Oban is 0.8m or above.
This is great news and means that for the vast majority of the time we'll be running as normal

Exceptions for September below:-

Tuesday 09/09/14
14:00 ex Oban will depart at 14:30
15:00 ex Lismore will depart at 15:30

Wednesday 10/09/14 
14:00 ex Oban will depart at 15:10
15:00 ex Lismore will depart at 16:10

Thursday 11/09/14 
Eigg will be on service run all day as the Loch Striven will be needed to carry out more trials.

Friday 12/09/14 
14:00 ex Oban will depart at 11:15 (early)
15:00 ex Lismore will depart at 12:15 (early)
Provided by the Cal Mac 25 August 2014
25th August 2014
Lismore Photography Club - 2015 Calendar
lismore calendar

The Lismore Photography club have produced a 2015 Calendar - Click here for more details
Provided by the Photography Club 25 August 2014
24th August 2014
Coal Delivery

The  Fergusson coal lorry will be over on the 1st and 15th of September.  Both of these lorries are full but they are taking orders to hopefully get their lorry back over on the 29th.
They have a September Offer on where if 10 bags of fuel are ordered and paid for you will get a bag free and if tyou order and pay for between 5 and 9 bags you will get a £1.00 off each bag.
If they can’t get over at the end of September, the offer will be honoured for all orders placed in September and delivered in October.
Provided by the Ferguson Coal 20 August 2014
13th August 2014
Lismore Community Trust - Energy Sub-Committee
Provided by the Trust 5 August 2014
2nd August 2014
Lismore Community Trust - Energy Sub-Committee
Provided by the Trust 31 July 2014
29th July 2014
Sports & Raft Race - 26th July 2014

The Annual sports and raft race took place on Saturday 26th July 2014.  Story  here
Provided by Website 29 July 2014
29th July 2014
21st Birthday Celebrations - 25th July 2014

The Island celebrates Murray's 21st. Story and pictures here
Provided by Website 29 July 2014
19th July 2014
Big Garden Walk 20th June 2014

There was a Big Garden Walk on 20th June 2014 to raise money for the Oban MS Therapy Centre. Over £800 was raised. Story and picture here
Provided by Beth on 19th July 2014
9th July 2014
MOD Success 20th June 2014

One Lismore family were very successful in the recent Oban MOD. Read the full story here
Provided by Ann on 9th July 2014
8th July 2014
BBC Alba News Item

Our ferry problems were recently reported in BBC Alba news.  Click above to listen to the item

Provided by the Website Group on 8th July 2014
5th July 2014
Lismore Voices Concert 4th July 2014

What a wonderful night last night with Lismore Voices!!! We have a fantastic talented community. We were treated to songs and tunes from all over the globe. There was even a live performance of 'Ferry Fiasco', community song style, with everybody singing from the same sheet!!!! Here's a picture of Duncan and Arthur giving a few tunes, sound clips will follow.
Provided by Laura on 5th July 2014
4th July 2014
School newsletter for April to June 2014

The last term has been a very busy one for our school children.  Read all about it in their latest newsletter covering April to June 2014, which can be found by clicking here
Hope everyone enjoys the summer break.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 26th June 2014
16th June 2014
Latest Update from Cal Mac -  16th June 2014
Good Afternoon
We've had ramp trials today and are awaiting engineers report.  State of play for next few days is:-

Due to tidal restrictions the 06:50/07:50 and 09:00/10:00 sailings on Tuesday 17/06/14 will be operated by the MV Loch Striven and the 14:00/15:00 and 17:15/18:15 sailings will be operated by the MV Eigg.

On Wednesday 18/06/14 the MV Loch Striven will operate the 06:50/07:50 and the 09:00/10:00, the 14:00/15:00 sailings will be CANCELLED and the MV Eigg will operate the 17:15/18:15 sailings.

On Thursday 19/06/14 all scheduled sailings will be operated my the MV Eigg.

Passengers travelling with vehicles are advised to make reservations.

I'll let you know when I have more info.

Provided by Cal Mac 16th June 2014
16th June 2014
Appin Shinty Club - Friday 22th June 2014
Two of our young lads play for Appin Shinty Club, and they are always looking for more to join the club.
They are holding a wee fundraising even on the 22nd June at 11.30 at Strath of Appin School.
They would welcome any donations for their raffle, home baking and bottle stall.
Donations can be handed into the school or get in touch by email with Claire Jackson
Provided by Appin Shinty Club 12th June 2014
16th June 2014
Big Garden Walk - Friday 20th June 2014
OK everyone have you got your walking boots out?  Don't forget to put them on and join us for a wee walk on Friday evening.
You can still sponsor yourself or others via this link, at the shop, at the café or by bringing a donation on Friday with you.
Please let Anne Livingstone know if you are coming so that we have a rough idea of numbers and please let either Anne or Beth Campbell know if you need a lift from and to the ferry.

Provided by Beth 16th June 2014
16th June 2014
Lismore Community Transport - Coffee Day

We are delighted to report that, despite a rainy day, the Community Transport Coffee Day raised £340   -  Story and Pictures here

Provided by LCT 15th June 2014
11th June 2014
Important Ferry Information

Information received today by Caledonian MacBrayne re Achnacroish - Oban ferry route:

On Thursday 12th June the Loch Striven will do the 06:50/07:50 and the 17:15/18:15 sailings and the Eigg will do the 09:00/10:00 and 14:00/15:00 sailings.

Due to tidal restrictions, the following amended timetable will be operated on Friday 13th & Satuday 14th June.

Friday 13th June
06:50 ex Oban (normal with Loch Striven),
07:50 ex Lismore (normal with Loch Striven),
09:00 ex Oban(cancelled),
10:00 ex Lismore(cancelled),
11:00 ex Oban (additional with Eigg),
12:00 ex Lismore (additional with Eigg),
14:00 ex Oban (cancelled), 15:00 ex Lismore (cancelled),
17:15 ex Oban(normal with Loch Striven),
18:15 ex Lismore (normal with Loch Striven),

Saturday 14th June
08:00 ex Oban (normal with Loch Striven),
09:00 ex Lismore (normal with Loch Striven),
11:00 ex Oban (cancelled),
12:00 ex Lismore (cancelled),
12:00 ex Oban (additional with Eigg),
13:00 ex Lismore (additional with Eigg),
14:15 ex Oban(cancelled),
15:15 ex Lismore (cancelled),
17:00 ex Oban (normal with Loch Striven),
18:00 ex Lismore (normal with Loch Striven),

Sunday 15th & Monday 16th sailings will run as timetabled although the MV Eigg will be operating so deck space will be limited. Passengers travelling with vehicles are advised to make reservations.

Calmac Ferries apologis for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please Note
Due to the alterations in the ferry timetable on Friday the mail will not come onto the island until 11.50 and the post boxes will be cleared by 11.00 as the outgoing mail will need to leave the shop at 11.30 to get to Oban in time.

No change on Saturday

There will also be delays to the bread and paper delivery to the Island.

Provided by Cal Mac on 11th June 2014
3rd June 2014
Primary School Mountain Adventure

The Primary School Children have been on a Mountain Adventure - Read the full story and see the pictures.

Provided by the School on 29th May 2014
1st June 2014
 Lismore Primary School - Opera Trip to the Isle of Coll

Lismore Primary School children are hoping to go on a trip to the Isle of Coll to perform in an Opera.
They have formed a pupil committee to organise it all and they have board meetings every Monday.
Their Public Realtions officer contacted us to tell us about the trip.

 " We will be meeting up with Arinagour School on Coll, as well as children from other Argyll schools, to perform "The Curse of the Macabra Opera House," with the help of some actors from Scottish Opera.
The story of the opera is about a haunted opera house, with lots of singing ghosts who would like to be out of the opera house, but are stuck!
It's hard work, but we love singing and it will be exciting going to another island.
We will be staying overnight, having travelled on the ferry from Oban.

It is costing quite a lot of money and we are very grateful to those people who have already given us donations. IIf anyone else felt able to help in any way, it would be very much appreciated.
We're having a fundraiser Garden Party on 25th June, with a tombola, lucky dip, cake stall and a book stall.We look forward to seeing you there.

Leis gach deagh dhùrachd,
Public Realations Officer

We would like to wish the School Pupil Committee every success with the organising and fundraising.
Provided by the School Pupil Committee on 1st June 2014
16th May 2014
Lismore Primary School – National Fairtrade Snack Attack Competition Winners

Lismore Primary School children were delighted to hear that they have been awarded first place in the National Fairtrade Snack Attack Competition 2014.

Schools from all over the United Kingdom and further afield competed to design a fun Fairtrade snack, together with its packaging, a marketing campaign and a report about their activities.

Led by Classroom Assistant, Hazel MacCormick, the Lismore children worked together as a company, brainstorming and presenting ideas before splitting into groups to take on the different responsibilities of graphic design, marketing and logistics. The final product was a rainbow lolly made with fair trade fruits. The children named it a “rainbow pop” and produced a fun film advertisement for the product with the slogan “What will you find at the end of your rainbow?” They made a scrapbook about the design process, detailing their ideas and what they had learnt during the project. The judges were particularly impressed with the mock up model of the lolly and the scrapbook.

Together with a certificate, the children have won £100 worth of Fairtrade products. They are now deciding how best to use this exciting prize to help them on their journey to achieving Fairtrade School status.

Provided by the School on 12th May 2014
12th May 2014
 Finding Home

Provided by Kieron on 12th May 2014
7th May 2014
BBC Alba - Eileanan Fraoich - Tuesday 27th May 2014 8.30 pm

Eileanan Fraoich a new eight part television series from the always fresh Gaelic television channel, BBC ALBA,started airing on Tuesday 8th April from 8.30 – 9.00pm.

Programme Eight: Isle of Lismore – Tuesday 27th May BBC ALBA 8.30pm

Lismore in the Inner Hebrides is Heather’s last island visit and whilst there she’s shown some of the gems in the collection of the heritage centre where the island’s Gaelic and crofting traditions are celebrated. She learns that the centre is named after St Moluag, an Irish missionary who came to Lismore in the 6th century to convert the Picts to Christianity. The island is rich in historic buildings and Heather takes time to explore its beautiful Iron Age broch as well as a church that incorporates the remains of the medieval cathedral that was the centre of the Diocese of Argyll.
As well as revisiting the island’s past, she enjoys Lismore’s present, attending its biggest event of the year – sports day.
Provided by Niall Bachuil on 7th May 2014
7th May 2014
BBC Looking for Farming / Crofting Live
Email from Geoff Fagan of CADISPA

You’ll remember the BBC programme ‘Live Lambing’ which was presented by Kate Humble. Well, on the back of that success the BBC Factual programme producer phoned me to talk through the making of another programme – not dissimilar in that it tells the story of farming or crofting over a year – but essentially about farming families in Scotland – and their narratives of living in rural Scotland. They need to be willing to share their life on the croft or farm over a complete year and for it to be recorded (sort of ‘fly on the wall’) and then shown nationwide on the BBC as a part of their 2015 programming. They have asked CADISPA to put the idea in front of our associated groups – although, I’ve no doubt, that they have asked other units like CADISPA, to do the same.

As you’ll know rural Scotland has a rich diversity of important stories to tell. There are major challenges facing us: how do we get young people into crofting and farming; how do we stop the haemorrhage of young people away from rural Scotland; what about land reform and the drive towards community ownership of land? The Producer wishes to stress that this is not a political programme as such – but if in the pursuit of normal yearly activity – the family in question has to react or change their normal way of doing things because of a political circumstance – then that would be of interest to them: but nothing more than that.

The time commitment will be of interest to you (or to whom this message is passed on to). The filming would lasts all year – in busy periods (when there is a lot to film) they would wish to ‘ride alongside’ normal daily routines sometimes for 2 or 3 days a week. However, normally, it would be one day’s filming a week – and then only with the prior agreement of those involved. There is no pay for the contribution of the family – but they do get to tell their story over a whole year. As in ‘Live lambing’ the film team (usually three people) will be as unobtrusive as they can be.

If you know of a family in your area who would be interested in taking part and telling their story – can you ask them for their contact details, send the details to me here at CADISPA (geoff.fagan@cadispa.org) and I’ll then forward them on to the BBC.

CADISPA has never shied away from using every possible means to bring the key messages of living in rural Scotland to the attention of others less familiar with our way of life. If you think you know of a family which may fit the bill – please write back and let me know their contact details. The BBC will then contact them to discuss the matter in greater depth.

Dr Geoff Fagan
3015 Abbeymill Business Centre
12 Seedhill Road
Provided by Cadispa on 7th May 2014
4th May 2014
Geology Visit - Lismore Monday 26th May 2014

On Monday 26th May, Jim Blair is planning a geology visit to Lismore with Lochaber U3A
They will be joined by Carl Farmer and few Nature group members.  The walk is open to Lismore residents. 
The botanical diversity of Lismore is very much bound up with it's geology and this will be an opporunity to discover more about it.  We are told that Jim Blair's field trips are always fascinating.
If anyone is interested or requires more information please email us at the website

Provided by Nature Group on 4th May 2014
29th April 2014
Half Marathon

Lismore locals Rurigdh and Josie McMeddes are taking part in the Edinburgh Half Marathon on the 25th of May to raise money for Syria.
Full story and details about how to donate
Provided by Rurigdh on 28th April 2014
28th April 2014
Fuel Delivery

Brogan Fuels will be delivering to Lismore week commencing 5th May 2014.  If you wish to place an order, please telephone 01631 570670
Provided by Brogan Fuels on 28th April 2014
26th April 2014
Job Vacancy

There is a job vacancy in the cafe ,anyone interested telephone 01631 760 020 for further information
Provided by Kiki on 26th April 2014
25th April 2014
School Raffle

Jeanette with her winning box of chocolates from the Lismore Primary School raffle. Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket we raised £64 which is going towards the kids' trip to Coll in June. Special thanks to May MacCormick for donating the chocolate

Provided by Hazel MacCormick on 24th April 2014
25th April 2014
Busy Easter Sunday Church

The date – Easter Sunday 2014, the place – Lismore Parish Church, the occasion – 2 Christenings, an Elder inauguration, Communion and a Farewell – what a day!

The sun shone brightly on Innes MacLean's and Esme Layton's christening day and lots of islanders came to be part of the occasion. Lorraine King was inaugurated as the newest Church Elder. Communion was held and the congregation said a sad fare thee well to Rev. Roderick and Sue Campbell, they are taking a leap of faith and travelling to Sri Lanka to live and work there for the next four years. Chris Small and Margery McDonald gave heartfelt thanks and gifts to both Roderick and Sue on behalf of the community. Flora and Shayne also presented Sue with a gift from the young folks to thank her for all her time spent with the Sunday School.

A wonderful array of food was served in the Manse, following the service, with the sunshine allowing everyone to eat out in the garden.

Lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Provided by Beth Campbell on 20th April 2014
18th April 2014
MV Lismore returns

The MV Lismore is now running again on the Point-Port Appin route. Apparently, it was the 'bell housing'. Welcome back!

Provided by the Website Group on 18th April 2014
16th April 2014
Ferries Update

The current vessel Blue Fin is going to run until 2pm tomorrow. It is hoped that the MV Lismore will be back in service on time for the 5pm or 6.20pm ferry. THERE WILL BE NO 3pm or 4pm. In the unlikely event of the MV Lismore not being ready, there is no alternative at this time.

This will obviously have a knock on effect on the doctor's surgery tomorrow, can we advise that if in doubt you contact the surgery.

Provided by Website Group on 16th April 2014
16th April 2014
Travel Update – More Disruption

As most of you will be aware the MV Lismore is currently undergoing repair and is therefore out of service, this situation is ongoing and as a temporary measure The Blue Fin is covering the run. The Blue Fin can carry up to 10 passengers, it is however unavailable on Friday and as yet a replacement has not been found.

Now here's the update for the Achnacroish-Oban route, and do we have and easter Eigg for you!!!!

You've guessed it, as of tomorrow the MV Loch Riddon will be covering another route and as we are slightly further down the pecking order than any other island in the west of Scotland we will be serviced by the MV Eigg. CalMac have agreed to put on an extra mid morning run on Thursday and Friday, departing Oban at 11am arriving on Lismore at 11.50am departing Lismore 12 noon and arriving Oban 1pm.


Obviously with the holiday weekend the situation on both ferry routes is clearly far from ideal, we would ask that you do not complain to the crew of the ferries, this is not their doing and they are helping as much as they can under the circumstances. We will post further updates as we get them.

Provided by Website Group on 16th April 2014
11th April 2014
Important Notice – MV Lismore Broken Down

The MV Lismore has broken down. It is expected to be out of service for at least 2 or 3 days. A replacement boat is being sent from Easdale and is expected to be here about 2.30 to 3pm today. The ferrymen will do a run as soon as it arrives.

The replacement boat is the "Flada" which is an open boat carrying a maximum of 12 passengers.

Provided by Website Group on 11th April 2014
7th April 2014
Important Notice from Lismore Community Trust – Renewable Energy Project

The preliminary work done by the project consultants suggested that the project might include the possibility of solar / PV generation for community purposes. Please read the notice for further information. Particular attention to Landowners and Tenants.

Provided by Lismore Community Trust on 6th April 2014
5th April 2014
School newsletter for January to March 2014

The newsletter from Lismore Primary School covering January to March 2014 can be found by clicking here

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 2nd April 2014
27th March 2014
Book Launch

Bob Hay's second book How an Island Lost its People was launched at the CELM Friends' Day on 24th November 2013. More information can be found here.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 18th December 2013
26th March 2014
Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre and Lios Beag Café reopening for the season

Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre and Lios Beag Café will be reopening for the season on April 1st. They will be open 7 days a week 11am – 4pm, until the end of October. They will be featuring two new displays under the heading Homecoming Lismore: The return of John MacDougall's Gaelic bible from Minnesota and the return of crofters to the cleared townships of Baligrundle and Craignich in 1914. They look forward to welcoming all their friends – old and new! More details on the Heritage website.

Lios Beag café will also be holding special meal nights and events throughout the season – see the What's on section of this website, Facebook or phone Kiki for more details on 760020.

Provided by Lorraine King on 25th March 2014
22nd March 2014
Lumiere films on 14th and 15th March 2014

Lismore Lumiere gave islanders another chance to go to the cinema without leaving the island when they showed Captain Phillips on 14 March and The Way Way Back on the 15th. With the brand new, very large and sharp screen, bought with the Hall’s grant from the Climate Challenge Fund, it was possible to have a good view wherever you were. Captain Phillips is the true and terrifying story of the takeover of the Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates. Tom Hanks did his best with a realisation that failed to probe too deeply into any of the issues which face seafarers (including Somalis) world wide delivering 90% of the world’s trade.

The Way Way Back was the comical and sensitive tale of interesting teenagers alienated by irresponsible and OTT adult behaviour. It was a Sundance indie film with no bells and whistles but a good script, good acting and universal appeal. Thanks to Lismore Lumiere for bringing the island the cream of Indie and Hollywood.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 21st March 2014
20th March 2014
Bowls Club

The Bowls Club restarted on Monday 17th March after the Hall reopened. It will meet twice more – on 24th and 31st March – before its summer recess. The Bowls Club will resume, as usual, in the autumn.

Provided by Julian Wormleighton on 19th March 2014
18th March 2014
Postponement of next archaeological walkover

The next walkover has had to be postponed until mid-May because lambing is about to start. We have a very interesting walkover planned which will include Fiart Farm and duns. We'll publicise it in due course when we have a date.

Provided by Douglas Thorburn on 18th March 2014
14th March 2014
Hall Reopening on 7th March 2014

The Hall reopening events were all about energy saving. More information and photos here.

Update: 6 photographs added on 18th March 2014.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 13th March 2014
10th March 2014
Phone Kiosks Consultation

Lismore Community Trust has applied to adopt the phone kiosks at Achnacroish and Point. As explained in the questionnaire in September and October last year, the idea is to turn them into Tourist Information booths. There is now a consultation period when anyone on Lismore can make comments. There are BT posters in the two phone kiosks explaining how and by when to do this.

Provided by Lismore Community Trust on 10th March 2014
4th March 2014
Appin Ferry Phone Number

The telephone number for the Port Appin Ferry House has changed and is now 01631 730 356.

Provided by the Website group on 3rd March 2014
1st March 2014
Change in Polling Station - 1st March 2014

The official polling station for the island has been changed from the School to the Hall for all future elections - Click here for the official notice

Provided by the Community Council on 1st March 2014
25th February 2014
Car parking in Port Appin on 27th February 2014

The rear area of the car park in Port Appin will be closed on Thursday 27th February from 8am to 5pm. This is to allow tree cutting operations. Any car in the area will be removed at the owners expense.

Provided by the Website group on 25th February 2014
19th February 2014
Glasses found near the church

A pair of glasses in a case have been found near the church. If you think they may be yours, please email us.

Provided by the Website group on 19th February 2014
13th February 2014
Brogan Fuels delivery

Brogan Fuels will be delivering fuel on Friday 21st February. If you wish to place an order please telephone 01631 570670

Provided by Brogan Fuels on 13th February 2014
12th February 2014
Two new babies on Lismore

The island is full of good news this week, with the arrival of two babies. On the 6th February 2014 baby Esme Grace Layton arrived and on 11th February 2014, baby Innes MacLean made his appearance. Warmest congratulations to both families. Esme, on the left, is now back on the island and hopefully Innes, on the right, will be home soon. Aren't they both just gorgeous?

Provided by the Website group on 11th February 2014
10th February 2014
School visit to the Post Office on 5th February 2014

The school's Early Learning Class learnt about posting a letter. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 8th February 2014
9th February 2014
School lunch outside on 7th February 2014

A sign that Spring is on its way – Lismore Primary School took full advantage of the fine weather on Friday and enjoyed its first al fresco lunch of 2014. Time to search out the barbecue?

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 8th February 2014
8th February 2014
Murray in Iraq

Murray Willis from Lismore recently travelled to Erbil, a Kurdish town in the north of Iraq, where he and fellow musicians were playing at a Burns' Night ceilidh organised by some of the major oil companies. They were raising funds for a local orphanage and raised around $50,000.

Provided by the Website group on 7th February 2014
7th February 2014
Burns Night at the Café on 25th January 2014

A very convivial evening at the Café! More information and photos here.

Provided by the Website group on 7th February 2014
2nd February 2014
School China Week
2014 Chinese Year of the Horse

January 27th to 31st was China Week at Lismore Primary School. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 1st February 2014
1st February 2014
School Art Week

January 13th to 17th was Drawing and Art Week at Lismore Primary School. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 31st January 2014
31st January 2014
CalMac is looking for photos of Lismore

CalMac is preparing for its 2014 advertising campaign and is looking for photographs of Lismore. We received the following request. Can anyone help?

We are seeking photography for a highly effective campaign which has the scope to encompass all above the line activity including digital, social, radio, press and outdoor advertising. The campaign will focus on inspiring travel to the Clyde and Hebridean islands throughout the Year of Homecoming 2014 and will showcase Scotland's islands and the wealth of great opportunities and attractions available.

We are looking for a selection of high quality images in the highest resolution which you can provide us with (300dpi). The campaign will span 2014 and have three distinct seasons - early spring, summer and autumn.

Spring – Campaign positioning the islands as inspirational destinations to visit within Scotland as part of the Year of Homecoming. (5 Key themes including Ancestry, Food and Drink, Active, Creative and Natural)
Summer – Campaign to build on the Homecoming message (and themes), major events and promote shortbreaks, day trips and Island Hopping visits.
Autumn – Inspiring travel to island events and activities during this time of the year, including short breaks also around the school holidays.


If you have any images which you feel would benefit the campaign and you can assist us, please send them by email to kirsteen.duggan@calmac.co.uk or post to: Kirsteen Duggan, Marketing Department, Caledonian MacBrayne, Ferry Terminal, Gourock, PA19 1QP. When sending images, please provide the location and date in which image was taken. Please also advise if images would be free to use or whether payment is required (if required, please state cost). It will not be possible to use all images however the larger the selection we receive, the more we will have to choose from.

If you could please supply images to us by Friday 14 February that would be much appreciated.

CalMac has provided examples of images they are looking for.

Provided by CalMac on 24th January 2014
30th January 2014
Gleaner Oil delivery

The next oil delivery will be on Thursday 13th February 2014. More information can be found here.

Provided by Gleaner Oil on 30th January 2014
29th January 2014
Trust Energy Feasibility Study Reminder

Lismore Community Trust is hoping that the planned hydro and wind energy feasibility study will happen soon. If you are a landowner, there is still time to register an interest. More information here.

Provided by Douglas Thorburn on 29th January 2014
25th January 2014
High Speed Broadband

A group of people in Appin have volunteered to scope and take forward a project to try to secure high speed broadband for the Lismore and Appin area. In order to do this, they need evidence of need and people’s views.

You can download the questionnaire in pdf format for printing or you can get a paper version in the shop. Completed questionnaires can be placed in the collection box in Lismore Stores by the closing date (31st January 2014).

Please contact Mandie Currie if you require more information.

Note: This item was posted before but got lost shortly after it was added to the site. Our apologies.

Provided by Mandie Currie on 19th January 2014
16th Janaury 2014
Lorn Natural History Group Field Trip

The Lorn Natural History Group is having a field trip in Port Appin on Saturday 18th January 2014.

Meet in Appin community car park at 10 a.m. and from there car-share to the starting point. The starting point is actually Port Appin Hall car park and if anyone from Lismore would like to go over for this walk, then they can of course go straight to Port Appin Hall car park from the ferry. All welcome whether LNHG members or not. Bring waterproof footwear and packed lunch.

Provided by LNHG on 9th January 2014
15th January 2013
Café Liosbeag Grand Opening 12th January 2014
Liosbeag Cafe
Provided by the Website group on 14th Janaury 2014
15th January 2013
Appin Road works

Bear Scoltand has informed us of upcoming Roads Works at Tynribbie in Appin.   Letter    Location Plan

Provided by the Website group on 15th January 2014
2nd January 2014
A look back at 2013

As we leave 2013, like many people we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed. 2013 was quite a year on Lismore, we have had 1 birth, welcome Cian Cosmo MacDougall, 1 marriage, many congratulations to Anne and Mark, and sadly we have also had 8 deaths, we give thanks for each and every Liosach, young and old, who have passed this year. This short video gives just a snapshot of some of what has been happening on Lismore this year, we wish you all a very very Happy New Year!!!!

Please click on the video above to listen.

Provided by the Website Group on 31st December 2013
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