Oban Mod Success

20th June 2014

The Oban and District Provincial Mod took place on 20th and 21st June this year.Unfortunately, this coincided with the Lismore school children's trip to Coll with Scottish Opera, so most of them were unable to take part in the Md this year. However, Ealasaid MacLean decided that she wanted the best of both worlds, so she went to Coll with the school on the Thursday, returning to Oban at 10pm that night, so that she would be ready to compete in the Md at 9.15am on the Friday.

No one had very high expectations, given how tired she would undoubtedly be and with all the singing she had been doing all day on the Thursdayhow wrong we were! A sleepy looking child emerged from the car on the Friday morning, had a quick practice outside and then headed in to the Corran Halls, where her singing competition was to take place.She went on to sing straight away, a song called Eghann Bn, which she sang as well as she had ever sung it.We enjoyed listening to some of the other competitors singing and then waited for the adjudications.We were all delighted to hear Ealasaid's name being read out as the winner a lovely surprise and reward for all her hard work. There was another treat in store when we walked out into the foyer of the Corran Halls, where all of the artwork entered in the Md was on display another gold badge and certificate awaited! Ealasaid's poster focussed on the Year of Homecoming, with an emphasis on Gaelic and the Md. We admired lots of other excellent posters too, this time with the Commonwealth Games as their theme. Ealasaid also competed in several oral competitions and was delighted to be awarded second prize for telling a story about a tailor who had the second sight and could see ghosts all over the place! A week or so after the Md, she had a final Md related surprise, when a letter arrived to tell her that she had won second prize for an article she wrote for the literature competition her choice of topic was an account of the wonderful week she spent at Fis Latharna at Easter.All in all, it was a very successful Md for Ealasaid, who learned a lot from adjudicators' comments and who had great fun meeting up with lots of children from different schools in the areaand her 2 firsts and 2 seconds were a nice wee bonus! She was very proud to take her badges in to school to show Mrs. Davies the following week and very glad that she had been able to represent Lismore School.

Ealasaid was also quite chuffed the following day, when the adult Md was held, to see her Mum coming home with a few prizes too.Ann MacLean Fleming was awarded first prize in four oral competitions, competitions which she feels are at the heart of the Md, as they are so important in maintaining the emphasis on the spoken language. She also won two of her singing competitions and was placed second in her other three songs. The 2 firsts earned her the Iseabail Scott Memorial Trophy for singing a song by an Argyll brd, for which she sang Nam Aonar le mo Smaointean, and the Irene MacCowan Gold Medal, which is confined to former winners of the Silver Pendant at the Md.

Although it was disappointing to see reduced numbers of entries at the Md, it was, as ever, lovely to meet up with old friends and to hear so many people, from the youngest to the oldest, conversing in Gaelic over the two days. Next stop Mull Mod!

Text and photographs provided by Ann MacLean Fleming on 8th July 2014


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