Sports and Raft Race 27th July 2014

 With all week being over 25˚C we were all gutted to see rain forecast for the Saturday, however spirits were not dampened and the island began to fill!!
At approximately 11.30 the heavens opened with one of the heaviest showers of rain I have seen in a while as the last of the field was set up. The decision was made to go ahead and what a decision it turned out to be. The field began to fill with locals and a few brave visitors, some from as far as Chicago!

The day got underway with the menís hammer and shot with the ladies throwing the sheaf. Both of the categories were very well attended with loads of competitors.
The children then had their time to shine with various races including flat race, egg and spoon and 3 legged. Even after that, they still had enough energy to make their way over to the well-constructed obstacle course where they took the opportunity to get even wetter busting water balloons and careering down the water slide.
All day long there was face painting available and of course the delicious BBQ on the go which made for a great lunch!
The men and ladies also took part in events like flat race and discus before it was time to gather for the hill races. A special attendance was required at the finish line for a brave kids that ran all the way up the hill during the hill race to give them a warm welcome back and a huge well done. Thereafter the adults were sent on their way, but only after a late mens sheaf was complete. By this point the rain was teaming down and the organisers decided to shift the prize giving to the dance.

The tug of war was due to be the main event left till last but the weather simply wasnít playing ball so the rope was laid for the most tense part of the day. The childrens TOW first making for a great wee battle with the South end prevailing. All kids were rewarded for their endeavour. Ladies took to the rope next ready to show what they had with again the south end prevailing 2-0. The mens tug of war left till last and by this point large crowds had gathered around the rope. The mens tug of war was the closest is has been in years. The rope was solid as a rock for a period of up to 5 minutes. The north won the first pull and the south won the 2nd. Both teams had given their all and still had one more pull. A coin toss took place to dictate ends which saw the south choose. The south end won the final pull making it a clean sweep once again.

Still not over, time to head to the bay for the raft race. The kids took to the bay first with some great rafts and all made it home safely. The adults raft race was very well attended with around 7 rafts. Some made it further than others. Some coped on the start line. Others abandoned the crossing and caused some sabotage, all taken it good humour. Needless to say there were some clear winners. Despite the weather the event was very well attended and it could not have gone any better. The prize giving was interesting at the dance too and it worked very well.

Many thanks to all helpers (big and small), competitors, Islanders and visitors. A special thanks to Duncan MacLean for again being a splendid organiser / co-ordinator. 

Unfortunately our main photographer lost all his photos, so if anyone has any photos we would love to get them - email them to us at


First Second Third
Pre Fives
All Round Emma Walker Fergus Cook Lily Dowling
Children Primary 1,2,3
All Round James MacColl Taylor MacCallum Zena / Evie / Olivia
Children Primary 4,5,6,7
All Round Robert Smith Lewis Walker Seamus MacNamara
Children's  Hill Race
Hill Race Robert Smith Seamus MacNamara Calum MacNamara
Special Mention - Niamh MacNamara - 6 years old, completed hill race
Teenage Hill Race
Hill Race Jordan Mulgrew Shannon Watson Shona Wright
Special mention - Shannon Watson - 1st Girl
Flat Race Bronagh Mc Brearty Madeleine Laura Cook
Sheaf Heidi MacColl Eilidh MacNamara Marie Carmicheal
Discus Leanne Beattie Eilidh MacNamara Marie Carmicheal
Hill Race Lauren Black Eilidh MacNamara Laura Cook
Ladies Champion and Craignich Cup Eilidh MacNamara
Flat Race Douglas MacDougall Lorne MacDougall Richard MacDonald
Sheaf Steven Smith Duncan Stoddart ???
Hammer Emmet MacNamara Gilleasbuig Black Donald MacColl
Shot Andrew Cannings Duncan Stoddard Gilleasbuig Black
Hill Race Richard MacDonald Murray Willis Douglas MacDougall
Gents Champion and Ted Memorial Cup Duncan Stoddard, Douglas MacDougal & Richard NacDonald  =
Special Mention - Hammer Throw - Wooden Spoon - Sam Woods
Tug of War
Children South  
Ladies South
Men South
Jubilee Trophy South
Raft Races
Children First Broken Promise - Wee MacDonalds
Children Best Design ?????
Children Best Name ?????
Adults First and MacLean Shield Broken Promise - Big MacDonalds
Adults Best Design Carmichaels (wee mary)
Adults Best Name That Sinking Feeling - Achnaduin
Text and photographs provided by Various on 29th July 2013


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