School visit to the Post Office on 5th February 2014

As part of their topic about people who help us, Lismore Primary School's Early Level Class visited the shop last week. They arrived clutching letters they had written earlier in the week and money to buy stamps. David helped the children to choose from the Classic Children's TV Stamp Set – Ivor the Engine and Peppa Pig were the favourites! The children were then able to postmark their own letters using the Lismore Post Office stamp. They were then shown how the letters are sorted and were able to put their own letters in the correct pigeonhole for delivery. The children finished their visit with some shopping, gathering ingredients for cooking the next day. They could not stop talking about their trip when they returned to school!

They were all delighted to find their letters had reached their destination and are now busy writing thank you letters which they will, of course, be posting in Achnacroish. Very many thanks to David for a very enjoyable and informative outing.

Text and photographs provided by Lismore Primary School on 8th February 2014


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