School Art Week 13th to 17th January 2014

13th – 17th January was Drawing and Art Week at the Primary School. The aim of the week was to build the children’s confidence in all aspects of art and drawing and to show them that these skills can be used in many areas of the curriculum.

The major project of the week was the creation of a picture on a large canvas using mixed media – paint, pencil crayon, wax crayon, pen, fabric and glitter. Each child chose their own subject and made initial sketches before producing their final piece.

Using giant coloured chalks the children drew life size people in the playground. They also began a project to make a 3D dragon from boxes and Mod Roc. They are hoping to use this in their upcoming Chinese Week and also in their play at the end of term.

They also found out that precise drawing is important for maths – they learned how to draw accurate circles using pairs of compasses and accurate angles using protractors. They also studied both 2D and 3D shapes. One morning they toured Achnacroish to draw sketch maps of the area.

During the week each child made a set of Famous Artist Top Trumps. Using the computers to research, they found out about different styles of art and a number of different artists. Popular artists included Monet, Mondrian and Turner but opinions of Picasso were not as favourable! Everyone agreed that Leonardo da Vinci was an amazing man being able to paint and invent as well as much more!

The children are hoping to produce another canvas each before the end of the year so that we can have an Art Exhibition for them to display their work.

Text and photographs provided by Lismore Primary School on 31st January 2014


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