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2nd January 2014
Carol Concert on 20th December 2013

Lismore Voices performed a concert of seasonal music in the Church on 20th December, which was well attended despite it being a very wet evening. The 14 voices made a beautiful and beguiling sound in a far ranging and demanding programme with the audience joining in enthusiastically with the more familiar carols. The choir had two very able conductors in Sarah Campbell and Katy Crossan, with Sebastian Tombs conducting one item as well as singing one of his own solo compositions.

As well as the beautifully sung carols,highlights were a very moving performance of John Taverner's The Lamb (particularly following his recent death), as well as A Gaelic Lullaby, the beautiful hymn Ubi Caritas and a spiritual. Of further interest was Barbara McDougall's reading of Margaret Black affecting poem inspired by the Fra Angelico painting of the Annunciation.

All together an impressive evening and, in thanking them, Ann Livingstone expressed everyone's thought that it would become an annual event.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 2nd January 2014
27th December 2013
A look at our Christmas Weather 2013

This winter hasn't been altogether kind to the Liosaich, this is a wee insight ...... ish

Please click on the video above to listen
Provided by the Website Group on 27th December 2013
26th December 2013
Ferrymen to the Rescue on Christmas Day 2013

Writing about Christmas is a bit tricky, it's so many things to so many people, for many, a time of great joy, of hope and celebration and for some a time of sadness and despair. Some celebrate the birth of Christ, others celebrate the union of loved ones, and for some it's just nice to have a day off. However and why ever you celebrate Christmas, it's always nice to think, there may actually be such a thing as a Christmas Miracle.

Christmas Eve was a truly awful day, the weather was atrocious and quite relentless, for a lot of people, this would just be another wet and windy day, however for 4 Liosach families it was about trying to come together for Christmas and sadly watching the ferry being struck by wave after wave, knowing that it just wasn't safe enough to make that journey.

Christmas Day the forecast was for yet more gales, however at 10am the sea was calm, and despite the holiday, and the dreadful day which had gone before, Allan and Andy ventured out onto the ferry once more, this time to take people home for Christmas.

For the families concerned, it truly felt like a Christmas miracle. This kind of selfless behavior renews faith in human kindness, was it a miracle? Just the luck of the draw? Or just down to the fact that the Met. office got it wrong for Christmas day. Who knows!! What we do know is that the crew....our crew came out on Christmas Day, and we are grateful that they did.

Provided by the Website Group on 26th December 2013
26th December 2013
News from Climate Challenge Fund Project December 2013
Provided by the Hall Committee on 23rd December 2013
26th December 2013
School Nativity Service on 16th December 2013

The school Nativity Service in the church on 16th December was well attended and warmly received. The service was a mixture of readings, prayers, and songs telling the Christmas story, as well as enthusiastic congregational carols. All the children performed very competently and confidently from the pre 5s to Primary 6. They were ably prepared by head teacher Catherine Davies and accompanied by Anne Livingstone on the organ. Refreshments were served at the end of the service and there was a collection for Crisis at Christmas.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 23rd December 2013
20th December 2013
Hall closed from 13th January 2014

The Hall will be closed from this date for insulation work. Click here for more information.

Provided by Dot Hay on 12th December 2013
18th December 2013
School newsletter for October to December 2013

The newsletter from Lismore Primary School covering October to December 2013 can be found by clicking here

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 18th December 2013
15th December 2013
Lismore Stores and Post Office - Festive Period

The opening times for Lismore Stores and Post Office over the festive period can be found here

Provided by Lismore Stores on 15th December 2013
14th December 2013
Guild Senior Citizens' Chritmas Party

On 12th December, the Guild held its annual Senior Citizens' Christmas Party. Click here for more information and photos.

Provided by the Website group on 14th December 2013
13th December 2013
School Family Christmas Lunch on 11th December 2013

Lismore Primary School held its annual Family Christmas lunch. Click here for more information and photos.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 11th December 2013
11th December 2013
Craft Fair 23th November 2013
Provided by Pauline Dowling on 10th December 2013
11th December 2013
We are Northern Lights on 17th November 2013

On a wet Sunday afternoon in November Lismore Lumiere showed We are Northern Lights,a film about Scotland made by Scottish people which is now up for a Bafta. As usual they added value with a complimentary dram as well as drinks and snacks. The film was well received despite Lismore somehow missing out on contributing which led Lismore Lumiere to suggest we do one of our own. As the film was mainly shot on very shaky phones in dreich weather, we could certainly do as well if not better.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 10th December 2013
8th December 2013
Isle of Lismore Cafe Closed

The cafe is now closed apart from the Christmas Dinner Night on Saturday 21st December. Still taking bookings for this event.

Provided by Beth Campbell on 7th December 2013
8th December 2013
Storm – 5th December 2013

The island was battered by the first damaging storm of the winter on 5th December. All the usual chaos: trees down, roads blocked, no power for nearly two days, computers damaged, no ferries running ................

Only another three or four months to go!

Provided by the Website Group on 8th November 2013
8th December 2013
MV Eigg Decommissioned – 16th November 2013
MV Eigg

The MV Eigg was built in 1974, and has serviced Lismore since 1976. there have been, alterations and modifications along the way, but she has always been reliable. Due to restrictions in load weights and various other factors, the MV Eigg is no longer fit for purpose.

After today the MV Eigg will be retired, a positive day in many ways, but this ship will be fondly remembered. After all what would we have to argue about if it wasn't the ferries!!!!

Provided by the Website Group on 16th November 2013
8th December 2013
Armistice Day – 11th November 2013

On Armistice day we honour not only those service personnel involved in the First World War, but those who were involved in every war and conflict since.

This song was written for a young Oban man, in 1982 Royal Marine Gordon MacPherson was killed during the battle for Two Sisters, along with comrade Corporal Frank Spencer.

It might be one of the saddest, yet most beautiful songs ever written. Please click on the video above to listen to the song, sung by islander Laura Cook.

Provided by the Website Group on 11th November 2013
26th November 2013
Nature Walk on 29th October 2013

Lorn Natural History Group along with Lismore Nature / Computer group had a nature walk around the south end of Balnagowan Loch, on 29th October 2013. Click here for a report of the day.

Provided by the Lorn Natural History Group on 5th November 2013
20th November 2013
Lismore Lumiere – Behind the Candelabra on 26th October 2013

On Saturday 26th October, Lismore Lumiere showed Behind the Candelabra, an inspired choice from HBO directed by Steven Soderbergh with a virtuoso cast of Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd, Scott Bakula, and Debbie Reynolds. While this could be and has been described as a ?gay?film it is most certainly a universal love story or at least a relationship story with many fizzing overtones of how one-sided money and glamour must always lead to control. And how being forced to suppress your nature, in this case your sexuality, will always end in tragedy. Moving and astonishing with such riveting acting from all but especially Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, the screen sparkles with a lot more than Liberace's inventive baubles and astonishing pianistic skill. And they were astonishing.

It tells the story of how an impoverished sixteen year old boy, Scott Thorson, brought up in children's homes and with loving foster parents, ends up as the companion to perhaps the greatest showman who ever lived, offering Liberace the chance to be loved, to love, to mould (he literally medically has the boy's face changed) and eventually to tire of him. What it offers Scott is luxury beyond his deepest dreaming in exchange for total loss of control and his own personal dreams. There are many levels to this film and the truth lies not necessarily in the actual events based on the book Scott Thorsen later wrote, but in the emotional deeply human landscape it reveals.

We are so lucky to be offered such fare from Lismore Lumiere.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 19th November 2013
20th November 2013
Fairtrade Fashion Show on 19th October 2013

Anyone attending the Fairtrade Fashion Show on 19th October at the Heritage Centre organised by Anne Livingstone and Beth Campbell and hosted by Pauline Cameron, started their evening with a glass of Fairtrade wine and a bidding ticket for the silent hat and bag auction whihc proved most popular.

Seven islanders became models for the event showing the clothes with flare and panache. Some of the clothes came from One World Fairtrade shop in Glasgow and some were up cycled, or revamped pre-loved wear. The evening made £171 for Fairtrade Oban and £62.50 for the Heritage with the teas and coffees being kindly donated by Bookers. Raffle tickets in aid of the children's fund went on sale and will be drawn on 21st December.

Many thanks to all who took part.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 19th November 2013
5th November 2013
Hall Planning

The Hall Committee is planning for 2014. There is an open meeting on 12th November (see the What's on page) or contact Denise, Dot or Anna if you are planning anything in the Hall for next year.

Provided by the Hall Committee on 5th November 2013
1st November 2013
Fish 'n' Chip babies

Such is the poverty in Africa and other developing countries that babies do not have anything to wear on leaving hospital with their mothers, so they are wrapped up in newspapers!

The original appeal was so successful that there are plenty of wee baby jumper/vests now, but they have nothing to grow into and always need hats too. Now the dark nights have come in perhaps you would consider knitting a wee something to help. Christmas is all about children and ours are very lucky to have everything they need (even in this time of recession). Please take any completed work to the church and leave in the marked box at the back.

For more information or to save the patterns to your computer see http://knitforafrica.weebly.com

Provided by Beth Campbell and Freda Drysdale on 1st November 2013
31st October 2013
"Double, double toil and trouble"

After the sad kidnapping of the Bruce and the spider, it looks as if some witches have taken over their cave. Look out for them if you are guising.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 31st October 2013
14th October 2013
Homeopathy Courses
Homeopathy logo

There will be two sessions on Homeopathy in the Hall during November. Click here for more information.

Provided by Eva Tombs on 14th October 2013
11th October 2013
Community Council Election – Uncontested

As there were not more than the required number of candidates for the Community Council Election, there will not be a poll. More information

Provided by the Website Group on 11th October 2013
11th October 2013
School newsletter for August to October 2013

The newsletter from Lismore Primary School covering August to October 2013 can be found by clicking here

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 10th October 2013
11th October 2013
Sunday School Shoebox Appeal
Shoebox photo

Lismore Sunday School is looking for support for their shoebox collection for Blythswood Care. Pick up a leaflet from the Church or Shop. Boxes should be delivered to the Church or Anna by Sunday 27th October 2013. Thank you

Provided by the Sunday School on 9th October 2013
11th October 2013
Hall Success with application to Climate Challenge Fund
CCF logo

The Hall has been successful with their application to the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) for a grant to draught proof the hall and insulate the roof. Read about it here.

Provided by Lismore Public Hall on 9th October 2013
9th October 2013
Call For Help
Website screenshot

The Community Website Team really need some help! We have loads of ideas we would like to develop but they are on the back burner at the moment as the routine daily work on the site is keeping us fully occupied.

We need:  Photographers, Content writers, Information Collectors .....................

We are also seeking Technical assistance. There is a possibility of funding to help with this. This would hopefully include training on web-site design and the development of mobile apps. These skills could ultimately lead to someone starting their own business – ideal for living on Lismore.

The website has now been running for over 13 years and really requires a good overhaul. Please can you help us? If you think you can help, no matter if only in a small way, please drop us an email and we will let you know when our next meeting is and you can come along for a chat.

Website Team

Provided by the Website Group on 9th October 2013
8th October 2013
Nature Foray on 29th October 2013

We have been working very hard on updating our nature pages on the website. To this end we have called upon the assistance of several island experts along with Carl Farmer from the Lorn Natural History Group. We hope to shortly introduce a blog where this group will post articles and news on the natural world of Lismore. In the meantime the group have organised a Nature Foray on Tuesday 29th October, when they hope to cover the area around the South end of Balnagowan Loch, concentrating on fungi.

On a recent foray on Lismore they found what they believe to be Conocybe striaepes and, if so, it will be the first Scottish record of this fungus. This has to be confirmed and we will update on this story later.

Anyone on the island who wishes to join would be more than welcome. Meet in the Heritage Centre car park at 10.30am.

There may be a visit to the cafe at some point, particularly if the weather is inclement, but itís best if you bring some food with you to keep you going, and bring clothing for all weathers including good waterproof footwear.

Click here for information on field trips

Hopefully we will have more exciting finds to report on.

Provided by Nature Group on 8th October 2013
7th October 2013
School Fun Run on 1st October 2013

Lismore Primary School held a fun run for the schools in the North Lorn Schools Group. Click here for more information and photos.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 6th October 2013
5th October 2013
Farewell to Tamsin on 3rd October 2013

Thursday 3rd October 2013 was Tamsin McVean's last day working at the school. Click here for more information and photos.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 5th October 2013
2nd October 2013
Local Artist Exhibition
Saturday 5th October to 8th November 2013
Gilly B

Gilly B is an artist and illustrator living on the island. She studied art in England in the eighties, then raised a family on the island, and now after many years of working only for friends and family or to satisfy her own desire to express, she has been persuaded to open her work up. She secured an exhibition at the prestigious gallery on the island of Gigha which ran through August and September this year. She is now opening a new exhibition on the island at the Lismore Heritage Centre.

Her work is locally inspired, and differs from established artists in both its feel and content. She hopes to be able to expand into other areas in future exhibitions, and prints of her work are also available direct from the artist via her website, www.gilly-b.com.

Provided by the Website group on 4th October 2013
3rd October 2013
Trust Produce Market on 14th September 2013

The September Produce Market held at the Public Hall by the Energy Group was a great success. About one quarter of the islandís population were involved, either selling or buying: there were nine stall-holders, kept busy by a good number of customers throughout the afternoon. Several stalls sold vegetables and herbs produced in local gardens or tunnels and one sold island-reared beef. Alongside, there were stalls selling home-made bread, cakes and tablet. There was a remarkable range of jams and chutneys available on various tables. Overall, the food proved to be delicious; high quality indeed!

The last Produce Market of this year will be held at the Hall on 12th October (3-5pm). We hope to have these events regularly every autumn, so that growers, farmers, cooks and bakers can plan ahead and continue to make a good range of products available. The aim is to stimulate both demand and supply, so that islanders know they can rely on getting good, fresh food right here and donít have to buy food imported by supermarkets from all around the world.


Provided by Douglas Thorburn on 3rd October 2013
2nd October 2013
Lismore Lumiere – 13th and 14th September 2013

Lismore Lumiere showed two very different films on successive evenings. On Friday 13th September the German film Lore, directed by Cate Shortland, was set in a dysfunctional post war Germany when many people were starving and ill. It told the personal story of an abandoned family facing their father's role as an SS officer, a subject not often treated in the cinema. By contrast, on Saturday 14th, Danish director Suzanne Bier's film Love is all you need was a more lyrical offering and, though somewhat predictable in its themes, it did attempt to probe the motivations of a very different family in very different times. Pierce Brosnan speaking English in a Danish film often in exquisite Italian countryside, was certainly interesting.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 30th September 2013
2nd October 2013
Lismore Lumiere – I Wish on 24th August 2013

Once again thanks to the enterprising Lismore Lumiere for the Japanese film I Wish screened on Saturday 24th August. A heart warming (and at times heart breaking) insightful moving tale of two brothers separated by their parents' divorce, and the lengths they were prepared to go to effect the miracle of becoming a family again. The child actors were particularly watchable and the glimpse of Japanese life extremely interesting.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 30th September 2013
2nd October 2013
Chinese Night raffle results

As a curtain raiser for the Lismore Lumiere film I Wish, Beth Campbell offered a Chinese night at the cafť to eat in or take away on 24th August. During the evening she drew the raffle she had been running to Celebrate Our Youth, the proceeds going to the teenagers at Glencruitten Hostel in Oban. She raised £151 and the teenagers really appreciate Beth's efforts for them. Winners were: Large Celebrations Tree – Mary MacDougall, Small Celebrations Tree – Ali McKinnon, Large Box of Celebrations – Carol and Shannon MacLean, Small Box of Celebrations – Anne Livingstone.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 30th September 2013
30th September 2013
24 hour Ceilidh report

The ceilidh was a huge success, raising over £6500. 

Click here for full report and photographs  

Provided by Laura Cook on 29th September 2013
29th September 2013
Scarecrows not in the competition

The Scarecrow Competion inspired some other installations. Click here to see photos of the ones we found.

Provided by the Website group on 29th September 2013
29th September 2013
Scarecrow Competition 2013 – Results

The judging has finished and the votes are in. Click here to see the results.

Provided by the Website group on 29th September 2013
24th September 2013
Advance Warning for Tuesday 1st October 2013

Lismore Primary School will be hosting a Charity Fun Run for local schools on Tuesday 1st October at 12.30pm. The run will be starting at the Port Ramsay junction (Stronacroibh) and finishing at Point. From 12.30pm – 1.30pm there will be about 60 children running along this stretch of road. We would be very grateful if you could try to avoid this area between these two times and take extra care if you are out about with your vehicle at this time.

Spectators and cheerleaders are very welcome.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 23rd September 2013
22nd September 2013
Scarecrow Competition 2013 – voting begins today

By the end of Saturday 21st September (Lismore time) all but two of the scarecrows were up. The rain and wind didn't stop 21 adults and 9 children displaying their works for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike, including a sodden Duke of Edinburgh group who cast some of the first votes this afternoon. Click here to see photographs and cast your vote. Follow the links on the pages to submit your own photographs.

Provided by a scarecrow on 22nd September 2013
10th September 2013
Primary School Beach Clean

The Primary School children had a busy afternoon on Monday 9th September when they took part in a Beach Clean. The children are working towards achieving their second Eco Schools Green Flag in January. Equipped with black bags and wearing thick gloves and brightly coloured "Keep Scotland Tidy" tabards, the children cleaned the beach between Point and Strathlorne. They found all sorts of rubbish and litter including plastic bottles, rubber gloves, food wrappers and an old paint can.

They were very interested in the vast numbers of jellyfish that had been washed up on the beach. There were Lion's mane jellyfish as large as 30 cm in diameter and also some smaller Moon jellyfish.

The children also took the opportunity to collect some seaweed with which to cover their raised beds ready for the winter. The afternoon was made all the more pleasant as the weather was glorious and warm with views to Ben Nevis and Ben Cruachan.

Well done to all the children for a great contribution to keeping the island beautiful.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 9th September 2013
7th September 2013
Walk to School days

Following the success of last term's Walk to School Week, the Primary School children have decided to have a Walk to School Day every week. Each Thursday, the minibus will drop them at the crossroads, from where they will walk the rest of the way to school. Not only will this be a great way to start the day; it will also contribute to their Health and Well-being programme and their Eco Schools Second Green Flag Award for which they are being assessed in January. Don't forget to give them a wave if you're out and about on Thursday mornings!

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 7th September 2013
6th September 2013
Gleaner Oil Delivery

Next delivery will be Thursday 12th September 2013. To order phone 01631 710 389

Provided by Gleaner Oil on 16th September 2013
6th September 2013
Scarecrow judge announced
Louise Glen-Lee

The judge for the Scarecrow competition has been announced. It will be Councillor Louise Glen-Lee. Thank you to her for taking on what proves to be a difficult job! Here is more information about the competition.

Provided by Hazel MacCormick on 4th September 2013
5th September 2013
24 hour Ceilidh Ticket Information
Cancer logos

Information on tickets for the 24 hour Ceilidh Please note the 24 hour pass tickets are available by advance purchase and have to purchased by 22nd September.

Provided by Laura Cook on 4th September 2013
5th September 2013
Fungi Foray

Members of the Lorn Natural History Group have been to Lismore several times to hunt for wild fungi recently. Last week they were down in the woods below Achuaran. Many species of fungus were found, including the Parrot Waxcap toadstool Hygrocybe psittacina

September is the waxcap month, when unfertilised grasslands, be they lawns, churchyards, or hills grazed by sheep, become studded with these brightly-coloured mushrooms. The most common ones are yellow or red, other species are pink or white. One of the easiest waxcaps to recognise is the Parrot Waxcap with its unique green colouring. This was the one that caught our eyes in the woods last week (although its normally found in grassland, it was surviving well here in woodland thatís grown up over the last few decades).
It is turning out to be a good year for toadstools Ė the Lorn Naturalists are planning another foray to Lismore to look for Waxcaps later this month. Anyone interested in joining them, please email Liz

Provided by Liz Buckle on 5th September 2013
4th September 2013
Christmas Craft Fair stalls

All of the stalls for this year's craft fair have now been booked. If you were hoping to have one and haven't got round to booking it, contact Roxanne as soon as possible to see if she can squeeze you in.

Provided by Roxanne Prando on 4th September 2013
27th August 2013
Community Council Elections on 31st October 2013

There will be elections for all Community Councils in Argyll and Bute on 31st October 2013. The purpose of a community council is to ascertain, co-ordinate and express the wider views of the entire community. Their role is to ascertain in an active way the views of their communities in terms of local issues, needs and wishes, and to convey these views to Argyll and Bute Council.

If you would like to help represent the views of islanders to A&B Council, you can find more information about community councils here and more information about this year's elections here. There is also information from Lismore Community Council or info on Appin Commmunity Council.

Nomination packs will be available from 9th September (but can be ordered now on 01546 605522) and nominations close on 27th September.

Update 7th September 2013: The nomination packs are now available.

Provided by the Website group on 27th August 2013
26th August 2013
Hall Produce Sale on 25th August 2013

Lismore Public Hall would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who supported this produce sale. £302.98 was raised in aid of Hall funds. Photographs of the event can be found here.

Provided by Dot Hay on 26th August 2013
26th August 2013
Researcher needs your help

Sarah Schiffling is looking into the problems people on Scottish islands have transporting food, and is asking for our experiences. Sarah is a Research Intern at Aberdeen University and is working for SMILE (Smart Micro-Logistics for the Rural Economy) which "aims to develop software solutions for food producing or retailing businesses in rural areas of Scotland to organise their transport and logistics needs".

Sarah will be arriving on Lismore on the 3pm boat on Tuesday 27th August and leaving on the 10am boat the next day (Wednesday 28th August). If you would like to contribute, you can contact her on sas69@hw.ac.uk.

Provided by Sarah Schiffling on 23rd August 2013
21st August 2013
24 hour Ceilidh for Cancer 27th - 28th September 2013

This date for this excellent event is drawing ever closer. The organising group are doing a marvelous job. There are a number of events over the 24 hours and individuals can be sponsored for their participation.

Here is an up to date timetable and details of tickets / sponsorship

The closing Orcadian Strip the Willow up the road will be an event on it's own!

Provided by Laura Cook on 18th August 2013
17th August 2013
Art and Photography Exhibition 3rd – 9th August 2013

The Art and Photography Exhibition was, as usual a great event. More information and photos.

Provided by various on 17th August 2013
16th August 2013
Hospital Open Day 27th August 2013

There is an open day on the 27th August 2013 for Oban Dental Centre and MacMillan Day Bed Unit at Lorn and Islands Hospital Oban. More information.

Provided by Argyll & Bute Community Health Partnership on 16th August 2013
15th August 2013
Back to school on 15th August 2013

The children returned to Lismore Primary School today. They are now travelling to and from school in their smart, new Council bus. If you see it, give it a wave.

Provided by Catherine Davies and Laura Cook on 15th August 2013
14th August 2013
Guild Coffee Day on 8th August 2013

A very successful Coffee Day enhanced the Art and Photography Exhibition and raised money for Church funds. More information.

Provided by Freda Drysdale and Anne Livingstone on 14th August 2013
13th August 2013
2014 Lismore Calendar

The 2014 Lismore Calendar is now available. It costs £5 (including a free envelope) and is available from Jim Millard on 01631 760241 or by email, or John Raymond by email.

Provided by Jim Millard on 13th August 2013
11th August 2013
School Garden Party on 26th June 2013

The School Garden Party was a great success. More information.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 5th July 2013
2nd August 2013
Lismore Ferry Forum

Last week, at a meeting of the Lismore Community Council and representatives of CalMac, the desirability of having a forum to co-ordinate the management/request for sailings of a Loch Class Car ferry was made clear and Niall Livingstone volunteered to produce this forum. Hopefully this will not be needed for long and we will have a permanent Loch Class car ferry to replace the very inadequate MV Eigg. 

Access the forum

Provided by Niall Livingstone on 2nd August 2013
1st August 2013
Scarecrow Competition 2013
Scarecrow ScarecrowScarecrow

This year's competition will run from the 21st to the 28th September. More details.

Provided by Hazel MacCormick on 31st July 2013
29th July 2013
Sports and Raft Race 27th July 2013
Provided by Various on 29th July 2013
29th July 2013
Charity Dance 27th July 2013
Charity dance

The Carmichael family organised a charity dance on Saturday 27th July 2013. Great music, excellent eats and the hall filled to capacity with islanders and visitors having a ball. It was a great success. The amount raised so far is £1467 with all deductions, which will be donated to the cochlear implant department at Crosshouse hospital.

Provided by Neil Carmichael on 29th July 2013
24th July 2013
Business Opportunity

The lease for the café at Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mor will be available from 1st January 2014. Excellent business opportunity on the island. More information

Provided by CELM on 23rd July 2013
22nd July 2013
Tug of war results for the last nine years

With the Sports and Raft race only days away, we thought it would be a good opportunity to summarise the recent tug of war results.

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 North South
Adult – Ladies South South North South South South South South South 1 8
Adult – Men North South North North North North South South South 5 4
Teenage South South North North South South South North South 3 6
Primary North South North North South North South North South 5 4

Good luck to both north and south!

Provided by the Website group on 22nd July 2013
16th July 2013
Lorn Natural History Group

On Saturday 13th July, the Lorn Natural History Group had a botanical outing to Lismore. The weather was terrific with plenty of sunshine and more importantly no midges. Click here for a report of their visit and some fantastic botanical pictures. They have suggested that they let us know next time they visit so that any interested Islanders can join. Excellent idea.

Provided by Lorn Natural History Group on 16th July 2013
15th July 2013
Gleaner Oil Delivery

Next delivery will be Monday 29th July 2013. To order phone 01631 710 389

Provided by Gleaner Oil on 15th July 2013
29th June 2013
A bheil cuimhne agad? Do you remember?

Over the next few months Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mor hope to record memories of life on Lismore, in Gaelic and English.
Are you willing to share some of you memories about life on Lismore in days gone by?  Click here for more information

Provided by Helen Crossan on 29th June 2013
27th June 2013
Lismore Primary School Newsletter

The newsletter from Lismore Primary School covering May and June 2013 can be found by clicking here. They have had a very busy term and we wish everyone at the school a good summer break.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 27th June 2013
23rd June 2013
Brogan Fuels delivery

Next delivery will be Tuesday 2nd July 2013. To order phone 01631 570 670.

Provided by Brogan Fuels on 21st June 2013
21st June 2013
Lismore Lumiere

Lismore Lumiere are a year old and we wish them a very happy birthday and thank them for a continuing programme of excellent films.

Friday 14th June was a double bill opening with "Searching for Sugarman", an inspiring documentary about a quite extraordinary rock and roll / blues singer songwriter who, though as good as if not better than Dylan and Elvis, never achieved wealth or fame. Perhaps his Detroit and Hispanic background accounted for his not being promoted.

It was followed by "The Sapphires " an entertaining true story of four very talented aboriginal singers who, despite everything, got the job of entertaining the troops in Vietnam. Great singing, great Australian scenery and not too much of war torn Vietnam which is never pretty. It was extremely tightly scripted with great one liners.

Saturday's "The Flight" was more mainstream but nevertheless very entertaining story of a drink and drug fuelled pilots skill in crash landing a plane and preventing many deaths. His drink and drug habits were eventually his undoing and his salvation.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 21st June 2013
21st June 2013
Update on MV Eigg Replacement

Latest news from Cal Mac re the replacement ferry for the MV Eigg so eagerly looked for by many islanders is and I quote

"We currently do not have a permanent berth in Oban that will accommodate a Class vessel such as MV Loch Linnhe. Following a bathymetric survey and risk assessments carried out at the current permanent berth at Oban South Pier it has become clear that the berth is unsuitable for vessels such as Loch Linnhe due to the likelihood of grounding at low tide perhaps resulting in hull damage."

Meanwhile, they say, the harbour owners – Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited – have been asked to make the berth suitable for Loch Class vessels which may take some time as additional investigatory works will be required. It seems there are no alternative permanent overnight berths in Oban, although some would dispute this, and they will not have a vessel that can be permanently allocated to the route until the introduction of the new Hybrid vessel at Sconser/Raasay which will hopefully be late summer 2013. Hopefully is not encouraging.

Meanwhile managers in talks with Lismore Community Council, have agreed that some additional sailings have been and can be arranged to meet the demands of residents requiring heavy goods to be shipped by redeploying a Loch Class vessel from Tobermory on Sunday when there is no service at present. They hope this will go some way to meet the island's needs. Some way but not very far sadly. Meanwhile those requiring heavy goods delivered should contact Cal Mac to arrange this. Others should write to Cal Mac as it has been said islanders don't complain enough!

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 21st June 2013
9th June 2013
Appin Walk May 2013

Congratulations to everyone taking part in the walk in Appin on 17th May 2013. An amazing £5860 was raised. Please read a thank you here

Provided by Lorraine King on 6th June 2013
4th June 2013
Team Lismore – Edinburgh Marathon

Congratulations to Team Lismore on completing the Edinburgh Marathon and raising an amazing £2500. They would like to thank all their supporters, please read here

Provided by Team Lismore on 4th June 2013
4th June 2013
Walking Theatre Group

The Edinburgh Reporter included an interesting article about the Walking Theatre Group, yesterday. You can read it here

Provided by Community Website Team on 4th June 2013
29th May 2013
Walk to School Week

20th to 24th May was Walk to School Week at Lismore Primary School. The children enjoyed the energetic start to each day especially as the weather was fine. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 29th May 2013
29th May 2013
Lismore Primary School Healthy Body Week

13th to 17th May was Healthy Body Week at Lismore Primary School. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 29th May 2013
29th May 2013
Generation Science at Lismore School on 8th May 2013

Josh Layton has kindly written us a report on this very interesting day. You can find it here.

Provided by Josh Layton on 29th May 2013
29th May 2013
Lismore Lumiere

Congratulations to Lismore Lumiere for showing another two very popular films on the weekend of 10th May. We are lucky to have the chance to see things on a big screen without having to go off the island and the event is always value-added with cocktails, popcorn and a variety of refreshments. Quartet was deemed a great feel good movie about a home for retired musicians into which walks a real diva and the Life of Pi from the Booker winning novel made the unlikely story of boy and a tiger at sea together having survived a disaster, most gripping.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 29th May 2013
29th May 2013
Lismore is Pointless

Lismore is Pointless. What we all suspected has been verified on BBC one's very popular quiz programme where the aim is to identify answers that nobody in a largish sample would have given, known as pointless answers. Anyone answering questions on islands in the Inner Hebrides who gave Lismore or Oronsay scored well as absolutely nobody had heard of us. And this despite our best efforts in the Oban Times, on Facebook, Twitter and with so many websites talking to the world. All publicity is good publicity usually except that Oronsay is 543 hectares with 5 people and Lismore is 2351 hectares and almost 200 people.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 29th May 2013
23rd May 2013
24 Hour Ceilidh for Cancer
Cancer logos

27th / 28th September 2013

Could this be the longest Ceilidh ever, certainly longest ever on Lismore! What a fantastic idea and for a great cause.
As well as putting the date in your diary have a think as to whether you can help in any way, loads of help will be required and appreciated.

More details and suggestions of ways you can help

If you are unable to attend then please consider making a donation

Provided by Laura Cook and Marie Carmichael on 19th May 2013
20th May 2013
Fergusson coal delivery on 10th June 2013

Fergusson still has some space on the lorry coming to the island on 10th June. Contact them if you would like a delivery

Provided by Fergusson on 20th May 2013
19th May 2013
Walk to School Week 20th – 24th May 2013

Lismore Primary School is participating in National Walk to School Week. From Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd May, the children and staff will meet at Crossroads at 8.45am and walk the remainder of the way to school. On Friday 24th May they will meet at the Balure turning and walk all the way to school. Please take care if you are out and about in your vehicle and don't forget to give them a wave.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 19th May 2013
17th May 2013
Health Fund up for Grabs

Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership (CHP) has asked us to pass on information about funds that are available for local health and wellbeing initiatives.
Press Release       Application Pack      Application Template

Provided by Argyll and Bute CHP on 17th May 2013
14th May 2013
West Coast Review

The West Coast Review is a free community magazine produced by the Oban Times. You can read it on-line here. This month there is a picture of Lismore School's Primary Ones from 1999. Cute – Calum, Colin and Kenneth (page 34)

Provided by Website Team on 14th May 2013
14th May 2013
Gleaner Oil Delivery

Next delivery will be Tuesday 28th May 2013. To order phone 01631 710 389.

Provided by Gleaner Oil on 14th May 2013
11th May 2013
April rainfall figure

Over twice as much rain fell in April 2013 as in April 2012. More information can be found here. Thank you to David and Catriona White for providing us with these data.

Provided by Weather Watcher on 11th May 2013
6th May 2013
Lumiere News

Lismore Lumiere presented two films on the weekend of 13 April. French director Jacques Audiard's Rust and Bone, though a love story, was not an easy watch as portrayed the dark side of human nature although the enlightened side conquered all finally. He has not been called the new Scorsese for nothing. However with a very taut script and an excellent cast it was well received. The Hobbit the following day got a mixed reception from an audience who knew their Tolkien. Although the cast was very good as you would expect, Peter Jackson may have offered too much violence and too little family entertainment. The next two films are Quartet and The life of Pi (both (PG) on 10 and 11 May.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 4th May 2013
2nd May 2013
Oh Deer Oh Deer !

More sightings of these lovely deer, just a shame about the vegetable beds. Pictures here

Provided by Carol Wormleighton on 1st May 2013
30th April 2013
Scottish Beaver Trial visits the school on 30th April 2013

The children of Lismore Primary learned all about these amazing animals. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 30th April 2013
27th April 2013
School Busy Bee Week beginning 22nd April 2013

Busy Bee Week at Lismore Primary School. More information and photos here.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 27th April 2013
18th April 2013
Driest March

The rainfall figures show that March 2013 was the driest on Lismore since at least 1985. There were 11 days that were dry to the Met. Office specification and another 10 on which there was only a trace of precipitation. Interestingly, nearly half the rain (8.5mm) fell on the 14th. I remember it well! Thank you to David and Catriona White for providing us with these data.

Provided by Weather Watcher on 18th April 2013
12th April 2013
Produce markets

At the public meeting on 6th April, Lismore Community Trustís Energy Group decided to run an occasional Produce Market at Lismore Public Hall. The intentions are: to encourage local vegetable and fruit growers, to meet the demand for fresh produce, and to reduce food miles. The markets will be held when producers can anticipate having enough crops to sell: 14 September and 12 October this year. There will also be an opportunity to sell cakes and other bakery at the markets. Earlier in the summer there will be a salad stall at the Lismore Crofters and Crafters Community Day at the Heritage Centre on 20 July.

Next year, the initiative will be extended to include a seed sharing day in March and a small plant day in May, to encourage and give better opportunities for local growers.

Provided by Douglas Thorburn on 12th April 2013
11th April 2013
Job on the Point – Port Appin ferry

Fancy working on the ferry? Argyll and Bute council has a vacancy. More information here. Closing date is Friday 26th April 2013

Provided by the Website group on 11th April 2013
10th April 2013
Lismore Lumiere video

See a video made in June 2012 about the setting up of Lismore Lumiere by clicking here.

Provided by Lismore Lumiere on 1st March 2013
10th April 2013
Appin's Moon Walk on 17th May 2013

This year's Appin's Moon Walk will be around the head of Loch Creran. More information (including meeting times) can be found here and a sponsorship form can be downloaded here.

Provided by Lorraine King on 9th April 2013
8th April 2013
Easter egg hunt on 31st March 2013

See pictures of the winners here.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 8th April 2013
5th April 2013
Iain MacNicol's talk on 22nd March 2013 about the Dewar Report

On Friday evening 22nd March, an audience at the Heritage Centre heard a very enlightening talk on the Dewar Report into Healthcare in the Highlands from Dr Iain MacNicol MBE. 15 minutes into the talk a 20 hour power cut began, but despite this Iain's flow continued in the gloom as others gathered candles. PowerPoint was rendered irrelevant but Iain had some excellent information boards and the subject needed no digital enhancing. Sir John Dewar's report was commissioned in 1910 to attempt to overcome the difficulties of implementing the National Insurance Act in crofting communities. The report offered a vivid description of the desperate state of medical provision particularly in the rural areas of the Highlands and Islands which covered Argyll, Caithness, Inverness, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland, Orkney and Shetland and the Highlands of Perthshire. The commissioners travelled widely and eventually produced a report that recommended setting up a centrally planned provision of care which offered the now famous free at the point of delivery which, within 20 years, transformed medical services to the area. This organisation, the Highlands and Islands Medical Service, acted as a blueprint for the NHS in Scotland, England and far beyond. 2012 was the centenary of the presentation of Dewar's report and for this we all have reason to feel proud and grateful.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 5th April 2013
4th April 2013
Job Vacancies

There are Two vacancies at the Heritage Centre. 
More details -  Advert,  job description for the Centre Manager and for the Heritage Recorder.

Provided by Heritage Centre on 3rd April 2013
30th March 2013
Lismore Community Transport café total

LCT's café day at the wee Manse on 22nd March 2013 raised £565! More information here.

Provided by Freda Drysdale on 25th March 2013
30th March 2013
Fundraising for Lismore Community Transport

Information about LCT's fundraising and a Gift Aid declaration to make your donations to this worthy cause even more valuable can be found here.

Provided by Julian Wormleighton on 29th March 2013
28th March 2013
School newsletter for February and March 2013

The newsletter from Lismore Primary School covering February and March 2013 can be found by clicking here

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 28th March 2013
28th March 2013
Gleaner Oil Delivery

Next delivery will be Tuesday 9th April 2013. To order phone 01631 710389

Provided by Gleaner Oil on 27th March 2013
24th March 2013
Comann Eachdraidh Archaeological Walkover 3

The Heritage Centreís final archaeological walkover for this winter took place at Baliveolan on 13th March 2013. Click here for full story and pictures

Provided by Douglas Thorburn on 18th March 2013
18th March 2013
Drama Success

Congratulations to Jenny-Iris Lawrie (MacColl) for winning the Adjudicator's Cup at the North Lorn Drama Festival. This was awarded for her performance in the play "That'll do Nicely" produced by the "Leftovers" group, which also came second overall for their performance.

Provided by Teenie Wilson on 18th March 2013
16th March 2013
Funding Available – Communities and Families Fund

The Big Lottery Fund has recently launched a new programme in conjunction with the Scottish Government - the Communities and Families fund. This joint fund offers small grants (of between £250 and £10,000) to support projects working with young children (pre-birth to 8 years) and their parents.

The website has been sent details of the above fund which is available for groups on Lismore.

More information below:

Communities and Families Fund Poster                            Communities and Families Fund Details

Provided by the Big Lottery Fund on 11th March 2013
16th March 2013
Jane visits Liosachs Abroad
Jane in Australia                 Jane in Australia

Jane has been off gallivanting again and in her travels met up with some Liosachs abroad. Firstly, Duncan and Mary Buchanan who she first visited 25 years ago in 1988. Then on to see Iain Livingstone in Auckland.  Jane has passed on a tip from Iain for anyone visiting Auckland -  go and visit the Maritime Museum down at the harbour. We believe Jane actually got thrown out of there at closing time !

Provided by Jane on 10th March 2013
13th March 2013
Defibrillator Day on 2nd March 2013

This was the official opening and more information and photographs can be found here.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 13th March 2013
11th March 2013
Give feedback on the Loch Linnhe ferry

If you have any thoughts on the Loch Linnhe ferry, why not let CalMac know by filling in a Customer Feedback Form. These can be found on the ferry and it costs nothing to give your opinion.

Provided by the Website group on 11th March 2013
2nd March 2013
Loch Linnhe ferry on Achnacroish-Oban route

Click here for photographs of the Loch Linnhe ferry at Achnacroish. Report from Community Council meeting added 16th March 2013

Provided by the Website Group and Pauline Dowling on 2nd March 2013
28th February 2013
Lismore Community Transport – March 2013 Schedule and newsletter

Please click here for the March Schedule and Newsletter from Lismore Community Transport

Provided by Julian Wormleighton on 27th February 2013
26th February 2013
Lismore's First Lamb of 2013

The School children believe that they have found the first Lismore Lamb of 2013. They managed to capture the picture above. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Provided by Rachel and Katie on behalf of the School on 26th February 2013
24th February 2013
Lismore Fiddle Retreats

There was an interesting article about Mairi Campbell and her Lismore Fiddle Retreats in the Scottish Herald on Sunday this week. Click here to read it.

Provided by Sarah Campbell on 24th February 2013
24th February 2013
Free ferry and train tickets

Visit Scotland appears to be giving away some free ferry and train tickets. Click here for more information.

Provided by the Website group on 24th February 2013
23rd February 2013
Comann Eachdraidh Archaeological Walkover 2

The Heritage Centreís second archaeological walkover took place at Kilandrist on 17th February 2013. Click here for a report and photographs

Provided by Douglas Thorburn on 22nd February 2013
8th February 2013
School Europe Week 4th – 8th February 2013

For the week of 4th – 8th February, the children of Lismore Primary School held a Europe Week where they learned about all things European.

The children honed their research skills using both computers and books to find out a myriad of facts about their home continent – from the European Union to the different countries; from the highest mountain to the deepest lake and from the variety of languages to the national anthems!

Each dayís snacks were from a different European country for which the children had to say please and thank you in the appropriate language. They tasted pain chocolat from France, Polish biscuits, Swiss chocolate, grissini from Italy and cheese from Holland; the pain chocolat being the definite favourite!

Each child chose a country to take a closer look at, finding out about traditions and customs, the flag, population, currency and government.

The culmination of Europe Week was a dress up day, when the children came to school in a costume from another country. A Swiss shepherdess, a Spanish matador, a Dutch footballer, an Irish dancer and a moustached French garlic seller all turned up for school as well as a couple of kilted Scotsmen.

On Friday afternoon, as a special treat and courtesy of Lismore Lumiere, the film of the Hunchback of Notre Dame – a story by European author, Victor Hugo. With popcorn snacks, surround sound and the big screen in the hall, this was a real cinema experience. The characters really came to life and everyone was on the edge of their seat until Esmeralda, Phoebus and Quasimodo were safe at the end.

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 8th February 2013
7th February 2013
Gleaner Oil Delivery

Next Delivery will be Thursday 21st February 2013. To Order Phone 01631 710389

Provided by Gleaner Oil 7th February 2013
4th February 2013
School newsletter for December 2012 and January 2013

The newsletter from Lismore Primary School covering December 2012 and January 2013 can be found by clicking here

Provided by Lismore Primary School on 4th February 2013
30th January 2013
Walkover at Portcharron on 20th January 2013

Comann Eachdraidh has begun a series of monthly walkovers of the historic sites of Lismore, in order to photograph and record as much of the archaeological evidence as possible.

12 hardy souls gathered at the ruined village of Portcharron on a very cold January afternoon. We photographed every ruin and noticed signs of early modernisation in some buildings, a possible footbridge across a burn, which may have been used for taking carts into the surrounding fields, and what seems to have been a mill lade. We recorded the site at Taylochan where the celebrated scholar Alexander Carmichael once lived and also photographed the rather mysterious stone mound, or henge, between the village and the Heritage Centre. All the volunteers survived the cold weather and enjoyed tea and discussion in the café afterwards!

The photographic evidence and GPS fixes are now being collated and will form the first part of an eventual complete record of the islandís archaeology.

Provided by Douglas Thorburm on 30th January 2013
22nd January 2013
Gleaner Oil Delivery

Next Delivery will be Tuesday 5th February 2013. To Order Phone 01631 710389

Provided by Gleaner Oil 22nd January 2013
16th January 2013
Appin Community Sports and Leisure Association

Hi all

The Appin Community Sports and Leisure Association are holding a Community Consultation for the new sports pitch at the primary school. This will be Thursday 24th January. We would love to have your input as we hope the pitch will be used by the wider community and eventually we would like to set up village leagues and various other events involving the wider local area.

Thursday 24th January
6:30pm floodlit tour of new facility
6:50pm Sports coordinators presentation followed by public Question and Answers session
We are hoping to be finished by 7:30pm. Tea and coffee available

If anyone can't make it but would like to share some ideas then you can email me

Thank you and hope to see you then.

Provided by K MacCorquodale on 16h January 2013
14th January 2013
Sports and Raft Race Meeting – New date 26th January 2013

The meeting arranged for Wednesday 16th January to organise a committee for the sports and raft race has had to be postponed to Saturday 26th January in the Café. See the What's on page for details.

9th January 2013
Christmas celebrations at the Primary School

December was full of Christmas activities for the children of Lismore Primary School. More information and photographs can be found here.

Provided by Catherine Davies on 9th January 2013
7th January 2013
Defibrillator Day on 19th January 2013

The Defibrillator Cabinet was bought by the Lismore Medical Fund with a generous bequest left by the late Danny Hickford. The more people on the island who know what to do in an emergency, while they are waiting for the Medical Staff to arrive, the better. Come and see how the equipment works and how to access it, then stay for the Grand Opening followed by tea & cake. This event is open to absolutely everyone on the Island.

More information.

Provided by Beth Campbell on 7th January 2013
7th January 2013
CELM volunteers' lunch at the Café on 15th December 2012

CELM thanked its volunteers with a slap up Christmas lunch. More information and photos can be found here.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 5th January 2013
5th January 2013
Ladies' night at the Café on 15th December 2012

Blethers, bruchettas and buns weren't all that were on offer. More information and photos can be found here.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 5th January 2013
2nd January 2013
Rainfall figures for 2012

With the publication of December's rainfall figures, we can now say that 2012 was a drier than average year. See the information here. Thank you to David and Catriona White for providing us with these data.

Provided by Weather Watcher on 2nd January 2013
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