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Scarecrow competition – September 2013

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Important dates

1st August 2013 The competition was launched. See here.
13th September 2013 All entries have to be with Hazel by the end of the day. An entry form can be obtained from Hazel or Bob Davies or from the shop or by clicking here
21st September 2013 All scarecrows must be on display by the end of the day.
22nd September 2013

This page will be updated with

  • A map showing the location of all the scarecrows in the competition,
  • Photographs of all the scarecrows and
  • Instructions on how to vote for your favourite scarecrow.

Paper maps and voting forms will be available in the waiting rooms at Point and Achnacroish and at the shop.

28th September 2012 The scarecrows will be judged by Councillor Louise Glen-Lee.
This will be the last day when you can vote for your favourite scarecrow.
29th September 2013 The results of the judging and the vote will be announced.
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