Art and Photography Exhibition

3rd – 9th August 2013

Following a well attended Pre-Opening on Friday, Lismore's annual Art and Photography Exhibition proved, as usual, a great success. This was the tenth year that the Art Group and the Photography Club had exhibited together and both groups were well represented. Eight artists showed work – Anita Bachuil, Carol Wormleighton, June Millard, Jennifer Allan, Jenny Aynsley, Katy Crossan, Rachel Crossan-Hopkins and Rose Howard as did three photographers – Jack Reynolds, Jim Millard and John Raymond.

The exhibits were well appreciated and several people took the opportunity to purchase. The 2014 calendar proved particularly popular and sales were brisk. If you would like a 2014 calendar, see this news story for details.

Text and 15 photographs provided by Jim Millard on 13th August 2013
3 photographs provided by Pauline Dowling on 15th August 2013


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