Walk to School Week 20th – 24th May 2013

20th – 24th May 2013 was ‘Walk to School Week’ at Lismore Primary School. In conjunction with www.livingstreets.org children from all over the country were encouraged to swap the car or the bus for a more healthy journey to school.

It isn’t easy for children on Lismore to walk all the way to school, so we arranged to meet at the crossroads and walk to school from there each day. There was a different theme for every day of the week beginning with Walking Safely Day on Monday. Clad in high visibility jackets the children set off, listening for traffic, keeping close to the edge of the road and stopping if vehicles approached. Tuesday was called Hidden Treasures Day and was all about spotting interesting things in the environment.  Wednesday focused on walking to improve health and Thursday was about being eco-friendly. On Friday, the children extended their walk to school, meeting at the Balure junction to walk the four miles to school. Joined by Laura, Fergus and Isabella everyone set off. On the way they discussed which famous person they would like to walk with and what they would ask them. Fionn said he would like to walk with Ben 10 – his questions - “Would you like to play I spy?” and “Can I have a lend of your watch?” ! With a brief stop outside the Post Office for a refreshing Jaffa Cake, the whole journey took about an hour and a half.

The children talked about how their grandparents would have had to walk the 4 miles to school every morning and then walk the same distance back home again at the end of the day. Everyone agreed that they would be very tired if they were expected to do that.

The children wrote about their own opinions regarding walking to school.

Katie wrote:

There is a lot of discussion about whether children should walk to school. There are many good reasons for getting children to walk to school. Firstly, it is fun and sociable. Also it keeps us fit and very healthy because you are doing some exercise. Another good reason for walking to school is children learn new things about nature and how the world works. There are also some disadvantages of walking to school. One of the main reasons is that children would not concentrate because they would be too tired. Also it is too far to walk to school. Another disadvantage of walking to school is that the weather on Lismore is only sometimes good. Looking at all these reasons, I think we should not walk to school because it is too far.

The children enjoyed the energetic start to each day especially as the weather was fine. They have suggested a Cycle to School Week and a Walk to School Once Each Week as future projects.

Many thanks to everyone who gave us a cheery wave on our way!

Text and photographs provided by Lismore Primary School on 29th May 2013


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