Generation Science at Lismore Primary School on 8th May 2013

This is a report about Generation Science coming to Lismore School and telling us about the human body and how it works. It was on the 8th of May 2013 and was paid for by the Robertson Trust.

The show was presented by two young actors and they told us about the human body and how it works. Also how a prosthetic hand works. The presenters told us how to make a model finger and about tendons, joints and bones. They told us what a prosthetic limb was and what tendons are. They also explained how fingers work and how many bones there are in a human finger. There are 3 bones in your finger and 205 bones in your whole body. We even have 650 joints. There was a robot called Oshy who did a backwards roll.

We then did an activity. We had to control a robot arm and pick up a ball and put it in a cylinder in the quickest time possible. Our quickest time was set by Vance, it was 34 seconds.

I found out how many bones were in the body and how many bones are in a finger and I learnt a new word that is prosthetics. There are such things as prosthetic limbs.

Text and photographs provided by Josh Layton on 29th May 2013


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