Comann Eachdraidh Archaeological Walkover 3

The Heritage Centre’s final archaeological walkover for this winter took place at Baliveolan in March. The combination of wonderful sunshine, beautiful views across the Lynn of Morvern and a fascinating historical conundrum was very rewarding for the dozen volunteers who took part. This area was once heavily populated but there was a steady loss of residents when agricultural improvements took place, and traces of the old houses or cottages are now scant. In their place are large fields with stone dykes, presumably built from the remains of the housing. Nevertheless, we recorded what ruins we could find. More impressive, though, was what seems to be a ruined illicit whisky still, located perilously at the top of a steep gulley leading down to the shore. We found it impossible to date the engineered path snaking down the gulley, but it could well have been linked to the existence of the still. This remarkable place will be featured significantly when we collate the evidence from our archaeological survey of the island.

Text provided by Douglas Thorburn on 18th March 2013
Photographs provided by Pauline Dowling on 26th March 2013


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