Concert – Air Fòrladh on 7th December 2012

Air F˛rladh (On Leave) is Gilliebride MacMillan's second CD and he visited Lismore on 7 December and performed many of the songs from this collection as well as others he has collected in his extensive travels. Gillebride is from South Uist and is steeped in the Gaelic song of that island and has distinguished himself by winning both gold medals at the National Mod. He has an engaging stage manner and lyrical voice with quite a range and on the night was able assisted by MhÓiri Hall (piano), Gillian Frame (fiddle) and Mike Bryan (guitar) who also played a set of lively instrumental numbers. Earlier in the day Gilliebride had visited the school where he not only listened to children's singing but also sang to them and had them up dancing a highland fling.

Text and photographs provided by Pauline Dowling on 13th December 2012


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