Stone cones – August 2012

Perhaps inspired by the recent Art and Photography exhibition, someone has crafted a beautiful cone of stones on top of a fence post by Eric's scooter. Hopefully, this al fresco artist will take heart from the island's enjoyment of this project and we will see more of this type of art. There again, maybe this is just a prototype for a larger installation. If anyone sees a suspiciously symmetrical, new hill, please let us know.

Another cone of stones has appeared just north of the first. See the photographs below.

Text and photographs provided by the Website group on 15th August 2012
Text and 4 more photographs provided by the Website group on 23rd August 2012


Christopher Tian sent the following comments on Thu, 23 Aug 2012 13:30:25 +0100

I think the fact that the second cone is 45 fence posts away from the first is not an accident. It can't have escaped anyone's notice that there are 45 panels on the Altarpiece of the Apocalypse!

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