Boreholes – July 2012

A very large machine supplied by Yeoman Glensanda has been drilling boreholes in the hope of finding water to supplement the springs which most islanders rely on and which do (for some on a reasonably regular basis) dry up. Not all drilling has successfully found water and not all householders have been able to take advantage of the machine as its sheer size and weight has made it unable to go very far off road, to turn sharp corners without ripping up the road, or to go on unsealed roads. Nevertheless about 35 households have benefitted from Yeoman Glensanda's generous offer and many now have an additional water supply. Householders though are responsible for making sure the newly drilled hole is, if necessary, lined with drainage pipe to seal against collapse and pumps and pipes are also needed to get the water into houses.

Text and photographs provided by Pauline Dowling on 5th August 2012


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