Festival of the sea on 26th May 2012

On Saturday 26 May visitors to Lismore's Festival of the Sea were met at the ten ferry in glorious sunshine and taken to Port Ramsay where retired Captain Duncan Black and historian Dr Robert Hay talked about the life and works of the many seafarers who plied the Lismore lime trade in smacks. Port Ramsay is rich in remains of this lucrative trade, the most notable being the rudder post of The Lady Margaret one of the two last smacks that traded out of Port Ramsay. Unfortunately the tide did not permit the viewing of this or the cursed gravestone a disgruntled mariner dropped over the side because the purchaser did not pay. But the mooring ring can still be seen in the cliff and nearby the quarry and kilns which fired the limestone were of great interest as was the boat building saw pit near the road to Park. The group were then driven to the Ionad Naomh Moluag (the Heritage Centre) to see the Museum and the new audio visual presentation on the maritime and lime burning history of the island. After lunch Dr Hay led the group on a walk to the lime quarries of Salen, where he spoke about the settlement and invited the visitors to explore this beautiful tranquil place once such a busy industrial hub.

Text and photographs provided by Pauline Dowling on 9th June 2012


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