Feedback Forum on 12th May 2012


At 3.15, Yorick welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Jan and Keren.

Presentation about Eilean Eisdeal

Jan Fraser and Keren Cafferty of Eilean Eisdeal (the Easdale Island Community Development Group) gave a PowerPoint presentation about their experiences on Easdale, A pdf version of their presentation can be found here. Jan and Keren then took questions.

The logo competition

Mary MacDougall explained that the Trust is looking for a logo and launched a competition to find one. Details and an application form can be found here.

Feedback from the Ideas questionnaire

After a break for tea and cakes (and an opportunity to buy raffle tickets), Bob Davies gave a brief description of the background to the Ideas questionnaire that was sent out in April and its aims. He gave a short overview of the results and presented the following table of ideas that, from the 92 returned questionnaires, seemed to meet with support.

Idea Don't do Do Not Trust
Clear up quay at Achnacroish 1 66 13
Renewable energy schemes 4 62 8
Fuel station 7 61 6
Resource to assist with grant applications for individuals / businesses 7 53 9
Lismore branding / marketing and input to local markets e.g. farmers' markets 5 53 10

The table shows all of the ideas from the questionnaire that met two criteria

More information about the results of the questionnaire can be found here.

Bob took questions and a brief discussion followed.

Raffle and thanks

The raffle was drawn and the lucky winner walked away with a huge box of Thornton's chocolates. Mary thanked all the speakers and Yorick thanked everyone for coming. The Feedback Forum finished at 5.25pm

Below are some photographs taken at the event

Text provided by Bob Davies on 13th May 2012
Photographs provided by Pauline Dowling on 13th May 2012


Teenie Wilson sent the following comments on Sun, 13 May 2012 22:47:16 +0100

Really sorry didn't make it to the meeting, but I think you guys are doing a wonderful job and keep at it. The Trust will be so good for the Island.

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