New island business – Lismore Island Services

Lismore Island Services

This week sees the launch of a new business on the island, Lismore Island Services.

This has been set up Gordon MacGillivray to provide a property repair service.
Gordon was born and bred on Lismore, and is now returning to live on the island.

He has set up a group of skilled tradesmen who can provide a wide range of services, including

Painting & Decorating
Gutter repairs and Renewal
Slating and Roof repairs
Chimney Pointing
Home cleaning services
Stone Fireplaces ..  He tells us that no job will be too small.

We wish Gordon and his team every success in this new venture

Telephone Gordon on 07733 080339
or email him new
Click here for a copy of Lismore Island Service's Brochure

Text and pictures provided by Gordon MacGillivray on 20th November 2011


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