School Green Flag inspection on 5th October 2011

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Wednesday 5th October was an eagerly awaited day for the Primary School children. It was the day of their Eco Schools Green Flag inspection. For months the children have been working towards this by making the school and the school grounds more eco-friendly.

In order to qualify for a Green Flag, the school must satisfy a number of conditions:

The children were very nervous when Eco Schools assessor Paula Love arrived. Her visit began with a discussion about the children's various activities over the past year. The children showed Paula their photo diaries and explained what they had been doing to be eco-friendly. They answered questions knowledgeably and volunteered lots of interesting comments. They told her about the Beach Clean Day at Port Moluag; about the Wee Green Grant that helped us to clear up the grounds; about the involvement of members of the community - John MacCormick, Roger and Gilly and many others and about the Lismore Energy Project's help with the raised beds. Paula was particularly impressed by the photographs of the plants in the raised beds and the vegetables the children had grown. The children then showed Paula their Green Flag display and the P3 children explained how they had drawn up a plan of the grounds to show what improvements had been made.

Dressed in waterproofs from head to foot and braving the pouring rain, everyone then ventured out to show Paula the poly tunnel, the raised beds and the wormery.

It was with great trepidation that the children returned to the classroom to hear Paula's report of her inspection. Paula told the children that she was delighted with what they were achieving and gave out Green flag lapel pins to everyone. She will now write a report and once that has been completed the Green flag will be presented and we can display it with pride next to our eco display.

Text and photographs provided by Catherine Davies on 5th October 2011


Marlene MacKinnon sent the following comments on Fri, 07 Oct 2011 15:21:20 +0100

Congratulations to our own ecowarriers! I knew you could do it after our visit on Tuesday. Thanks for inviting me and Kathryn, our GRAB trust co-ordinator. We had a great time and were very inpressed by your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Pauline Dowling sent the following comments on Fri, 07 Oct 2011 12:03:41 +0100

That's great news. Congratulations to you all. I like living on an island with an eco school.

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