School Mod 30th September 2011

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Lismore Primary School was well represented in the Oban Mod on Friday 30th September with four solo singers, a folk group and the whole school performing.

The children were all very excited when they set off on the boat. First to perform at the Esplanade Church were Sophie and Shona, who both sang a prescribed song in the class for girls aged 12 and under. The girls have very different voices but they both sang beautifully, with expression and good Gaelic pronunciation. The adjudicators praised both girls and awarded Sophie first place and Shona second place. It was then the turn of the younger soloists, with Vance and Katie each singing a Gaelic song. Again, the children were praised for their excellent Gaelic accents and the pair were awarded joint second place.

Moving to St John’s Cathedral, the folk group comprising of Shona, Sophie, Katie and Rachel had a quick warm up with Katy Crossan before their performance. Accompanied by Shona on guitar they sang two contrasting songs with some simple harmonies. The girls were delighted to hear they had been awarded 350 points out of a possible 400, narrowly beating Strath of Appin Primary School to take first place. The final event for the Primary School children was the action song which had to depict some aspect of Highland life. Dressed in kilts and barefooted, all the whole school sang a lullaby whilst acting out the crofter’s daily milking routine followed by a dance song to which they performed some simple movements. Despite a bit of confusion at the start, the children sang well and it was good to see the whole school taking part. Unfortunately, there were no other groups in this class but the children were awarded 90 out of 100 points for their performance. Congratulations to all the children and particularly to Sophie and the folk group.

A special thank you to Mary MacDougall and Katy Crossan for training the children in both Gaelic and music.

Text and photographs provided by Catherine Davies on 3rd October 2011


Pauline Dowling sent the following comments on Thu, 06 Oct 2011 12:16:49 +0100

Well done to all the children especially the prize winners. . Excellent.

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