School Gaelic week 19th to 23rd September 2011

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As part of our Gaelic Week, we invited several of the island’s Gaelic speakers to lunch. All the children introduced themselves in Gaelic to the visitors and each asked a question of them. Lorraine King brought many old photographs from the Comann Eachdraidh archive, and Margaret MacDonald, Cathy Carmichael and Mairi Smith talked about their memories of school days at Baligarve. The children were amazed to learn that the boys and girls had separate playgrounds and that the pupils had to cook their own lunch on the school stove!

Everyone really enjoyed looking at the photographs – spotting friends and relations and even Mary as a little girl!

Thank you very much to Lorraine and the ladies for a really interesting afternoon.

Text and photographs provided by Catherine Davies on 3rd October 2011


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