School Eco project 2011

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Towards the end of last term, the older girls began work on an eco project. They were challenged by Hazel MacCormick to come up with a saleable item made from recycled bits and pieces. Each of them had to design a product, make a prototype and then produce a marketing campaign to go with it.

The girls came up with some fantastic ideas and spent many hours designing, making and using their ICT skills to make presentations.

Each girl gave presentations to the rest of the school and then to Ina MacColl who is in charge of the shop at the Comann Eachdraidh. Each talk included a demonstration of the items and a PowerPoint presentation. There was a question and answer session followed by the distribution of business cards.

Sophie designed Funky Cork Dolls from corks and old bits of fabric each one individually crafted and with its own character.

Shona produced natural wooden coasters with a celtic design painted on them and used the slogan – “Take a piece of Lismore home with you!”

Shannon made some very inventive wind chimes from old beer cans – these were filled with lentils and split peas to make a gentle noise in the wind.

Ina was very impressed with the efforts of all three girls – both the originality of their designs and the confidence with which they spoke.

The school and Ina had the opportunity to vote for their favourite item and Sophie’s Funky Cork Dolls won by a narrow margin.

The girls are now hoping to go into production in time for the Christmas Craft fair!

Many thanks to Hazel for organising the project and to Ina for helping out with the presentations.

Text and photographs provided by Catherine Davies on 19th September 2011


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