School Jump Rope Challenge on 14th September 2011

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For the first half of this term the Lismore Primary School children have spent their PE lessons learning how to skip and how to do skipping tricks with both individual ropes and a big rope. Each day, they have been out in the playground turning their ropes forwards and backwards and jumping and stepping. Not only have their skills improved but also their fitness.

All this practice has been leading up to their Sponsored Jump Rope Challenge which took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 14th September. The children were challenged to keep the rope turning for an hour. With the support of parents, brothers and sisters and members of the community, they attacked this challenge with enthusiasm and determination! The timer started at two o’clock and three o’clock seemed a long way off. But as the minutes ticked by, the children gained confidence, skipping and jumping with great energy and demonstrating various tricks they have been practising in the previous weeks. There was a feeling of great excitement as they reached the final minute and a huge cheer rang out as the bell announced that the hour was up.

The Jump Rope Challenge was part of a Healthy Heart Day. Hazel MacCormick, the school cook, organised a fruity art activity where the children used fruits and other healthy foods to make pictures which they then ate! The children also investigated their pulse rate and found out that the more exercise they do the faster their hearts beat.

As well as having a great time, learning how to keep their heart healthy and improving their skipping and fitness, the children have raised over £150 for the British Heart Foundation. We are hoping that this will go towards another defibrillator for the island.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, there will be boxes in the shop and school until Friday 23rd September.

Text and photographs provided by Catherine Davies on 15th September 2011


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