Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Donald Black

Preview on 21st August 2011 and then from 22nd August 2011

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A large number turned out for the opening of a retrospective of Donald Black's art at the Museum. As a self taught artist Donald has, throughout his life on the island, chronicled the land and its people in watercolours and pen and ink drawings. Of great interest and value are the wartime scenes when the surrounding waters were filled with vessels and the land with troops. For a time Donald taught the art group and he also designed the Comann Eachdraidh logo based on Castle Coeffin. The exhibition, which can be seen now in the Museum room, was arranged by Margaret Black who officially opened it and introduced Donald and his work. She has included a number of files which give background and complement the art work.

Text and photographs provided by Pauline Dowling on 26th August 2011


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