School drama success

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In the last two weeks of March Lismore Primary children worked very hard rehearsing The Fisherman's Wife for the North Lorn Drama Festival. The play is about a fisherwoman who wants to own more and more and, because her wishes are granted time after time, she eventually asks for too much and ends up with nothing, the moral being that you are better happy and poor! With songs, dancing, chanting and narration, the play was quite a challenge for the young actors, aged between 5 and 11. However, they took it all in their stride listening carefully to instructions, speaking clearly and performing confidently.

On the night of the performance there was much excitement as the children waited for the curtain to open, but from the opening note the cast were step and word perfect and the play was greeted with laughter and applause. The adjudicator said the performance was as near perfect as anything he had seen in the past. He made particular mention of Sophie King, the narrator, who led the cast to a wonderful acting performance.

The children were delighted to hear that they had been awarded a total of 85 marks out of 100 winning the Primary Schools' Section and a special Adjudicator's Cup. Congratulations must go to all the children for their hard work and fantastic achievement.

Provided by Pauline Dowling on 28th April 2011


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