Spring is here at last and now seems a good time to up-date you on what is happening at www.isleoflismore.com.

As ever we are striving to attract visitors to the website and raise the profile of our beautiful island.

To this end we have come up with the following ideas. If you have any ideas of your own, please let us know.



We hope you like the car sticker above (design by Malcolm MacCorquodale).
If you would like any of these (mainland and island cars, family and friends on mainland or even abroad?) they are available at Lismore Stores and the Heritage Centre or can be ordered via the website.


Who knows where your sticker might be spotted?



In a bid to encourage more young people to use the website, we have opened a Facebook account.
Early results are very promising. Find the link on the website Home Page.






Last year we decided not to charge businesses for advertising on the website and instead invited donations. Thank you to you all for your generous response. The extra funds raised in this way will be re-channelled towards promoting increased traffic through the website. An example already in operation is the car stickers project mentioned above.



Have you had a disappointing turnout to a recent event you’ve organised? There can be many reasons for this, but not passing on details to the website should not be one of them! Please let us know what’s going on so that you can reach as many interested people as possible.



www.isleoflismore.com is YOUR website and we are always looking for your contributions. In particular, we would like to borrow any interesting photos you may have. These will be scanned and returned to you.



Current members of the Website Committee are:

Teenie Wilson  Jim Millard    John Raymond   Jennifer Allan   Stephen Green   Frances Willis
Janette Stewart   Roxanne Prando



New members are most welcome to join us. We meet regularly – about once every two months – on Wednesday evenings at the Heritage Centre. Details of meeting are advertised on the website. The duties are not onerous and new ideas are most welcome!



Finally, we would like to thank you for your support over the past year.

Contributions for the website should be emailed to : webmaster@isleoflismore.com or handed to any member of the Committee.

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