Repairs to Tirfuir Broch


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Over the years, the traffic of the many visitors to Tirfuir Broch, and the effects of rain and storms, have taken their toll of the structure of Tirfuir Broch, and Historic Scotland have been concerned to consolidate the damaged parts.  The outer skin was mended in 2008 and, in 2009, Colin Rowan returned to deal with the inner wall.


The work now completed included repair of drystone walling that was beginning to collapse on the north side, capping of other parts with turf and clay to protect the top of the wall from the erosion of many feet, and repair of the west side where a new hole had appeared between the outer and inner skins.    A removable gate has been installed to prevent sheep from entering the structure on the top of the west side.


The work, expertly done by Colin, and supervised by Dr John Raven of Historic Scotland was funded by grants from Awards to All and Historic Scotland to Coman Eachdraidh Lios Mr.  The structure should now be sound for at least 10 years but, as one of the main attractions of the island, it will be kept under continuous review.

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