Telephones and Broadband

Most of the Island's communications were cut off last week, no landline telephones or broadband connections were working.  The Island also has very patchy mobile reception. 

BT had been working on it for three days however at 2:30pm on Sunday they sent two engineers by helicopter to fix the exchange because 999 calls were not possible.

They had previously been to Torosay to knock over 6 inches of ice and snow off the front of the dishes on the mast up there, one of which serves Lismore and others serve remote exchanges on Ardnamurchan.

The engineers then reset our exchange and reconfigured the broadband links to bring back our broadband.

It was literally a flying visit, they were only here for half an hour but restored most folks' telephone and broadband.

A few were still without but they were restored on Monday and Tuesday this week.

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