Space Hop and the Summer Holidays
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Back to school this week, proud bearers of a gold medal and a special certificate, went the younger members of our community who, joined by various wee cousins and friends, took part in Space Hop. 


Space Hop was this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, a reading initiative organised by the Reading Agency via Libraries throughout the country.  Every Wednesday afternoon, the Library in the Heritage Centre was filled to almost overflowing by our enthusiastic young ones, ranging from pre-school to P. 5.  Encouraged to imagine themselves joining a space crew of children and a robot, the plan was to set up a library on the moon, travelling in their space rocket, ‘Ex Libris’.  In real life their task was to read six books over the holidays, younger children simply listening to stories and working through books with their parents.  Each afternoon there were worksheets to colour or write on, stories to listen to, games to play and little encouragements in the form of stickers and tiny gifts to take home.  While all this was going on, parents were able to enjoy a blissful hour and a half in the Café for a coffee and a chat.


The last day of the challenge was ‘Presentation Day’ when, with parents present and amidst great excitement, David Gloag, the Heritage Centre manager, presented the children with gold medals hung on blue ribbons and Barbara gave them their certificates.


Special thanks go to David, to the parents for encouraging their children and bringing them to the Library, and most of all to the children themselves who were a joy to work with.  Roll on next summer!




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