School Visit Library and Gift from Jemma
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The Library in the Heritage Centre was enlivened last week by the arrival of the schoolchildren on their bikes, bright red flashes arriving in dribs and drabs – after all if you’re only five coming up six, it’s quite a distance from the school and uphill all the way!  Mary Heath, our temporary head teacher, and Ali Cunningham, accompanied the children on this prearranged visit to browse and choose books to read at home.


Just by chance, a few days earlier, a small package had arrived from South Dakota with a gift for the children of Lismore of two beautifully illustrated Lakota storybooks drawing upon traditional Lakota legends and art.  The gift came from Jemma MacKichan Moccasin, adopted daughter of our old friend Margaret MacKichan and the late Don Moccasin, a Native American of the Lakota tribe, as is Jemma.  Don and Margaret visited the school in 1996, Don dressed in native Lakotan costume, and everyone was thrilled with his performance of dances and other customs.  Sadly, Don died last year just at the time of our Homecoming and Jemma has given the books in memory of him. 


Photos of the children with the books and a signed card of thanks are now winging their way to South Dakota so, if you are reading this, Jemma, a big thank you and love from all of us for such a lovely thought.  Come and see us soon, please.


Ali read one of the books, ‘The Star People’, to the children who all listened eagerly before they tootled off down the road again – but this time downhill all the way!  These books will have a special place in the Library for anyone to see and read.


Thanks for coming and see you soon, young ones!

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