Medieval Banquet



To round off a project on medieval times, the primary school welcomed guests to the Royal House of Lismore School Banquet. Possibly the first such banquet held on the island or at least the first for a few centuries. Dressed as knights, princesses, jesters and even a fairy they showed us into their castle where a time line pinpointed where we were and where an impressive range of portraits of their ancestors hung about with details of their interesting medieval lives. Suits of armour clanked  and there were secret doors  in innocent looking walls but the keys could be found if you knew where to look. At the appointed time Tom Campbell Paine from Primary seven piped us into the banqueting hall with his very impressive playing of Mo Dhaghaidh and Leaving Lismore, and, before the feasting, we were caroused with songs from the in-castle choir. The banquet was a vast array of dishes superbly cooked by Hazel MacCormick who had also given us medieval place settings and instructions on how to behave in such illustrious company e.g. “if there is a man of God at the table take care where you spit” which we did despite there being no man of god present. They certainly knew how entertain, eat and cook in medieval Lismore .


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