Highland Folk Museum Visit


A group of 17 directors and volunteers from Ionad Naomh Moluag – Lismore’s Heritage Museum – recently spent a very sunny and enjoyable day at the Highland Folk Museum at Newtonmore the visit being funded by a Bob Harding Training Grant from the Association of Independent Museums. The visitors were warmly welcomed by Bob Powell, the Museum Curator who, over time, has been providing Lismore Museum’s curators with expert advice on a range of subjects from the preservation of a horse harness to where to find information on flax weaving.


This award winning Museum has a beautiful natural setting and brings the uniqueness of the  Highlands, from the 1700s to the present day, to fascinating life and the friendly and knowledgeable staff, in the costume of the time, are on hand to  add to the experience. It was possible to see how they fed and sheltered themselves and were educated with the school even having a Lochgelly tawse as well as very ink stained desks. The traditional sweetie shop was there too and together with the modern café made this a very enjoyable day out.



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