Health talk with Face West Fitness


As part of the on going health education sessions organised by Lismoreís nurses, Stuart Ashley of Face West Fitness gave an extremely interesting and informative talk on exercise and nutrition as the path to good health. Stuartís enthusiasm for and knowledge of his subject is boundless and he has already contributed to the islandís health and fitness by running two island classes: Circuit training on Tuesdays and power walking on Friday mornings.  


Stuart started his talk with an exercise and fitness questionnaire which demonstrated how small changes could increase energy levels and reduce breathlessness e.g. Ė a short fast daily walk or always taking the stairs. A health and lifestyle questionnaire looked at eating and drinking moderately and healthily, dealing with stress and conflict, tips on time management and being organised as well as feeling good about what you are and do. Stuart was careful to point out that his fitness did not involve a lot of doníts but small changes can transform and are necessary to become more physically and therefore more emotionally and psychologically fit. Smoking he said was his only donít Ė other things such as tea, coffee, and alcohol are all for the moderation basket and if sleep is poor then avoiding stimulants or cutting them down is sensible as sleep is the basis of well being.


Basically he said you do need to be committed to improving your level of fitness and therefore your enjoyment of everything. However if you lack motivation, Stuartís classes will provide that and they are suitable for all abilities and situations. Face West Fitness like to work outside and, although the Tuesday circuit training has been in the hall over the winter, the power walking is always outside. Contact the nurses if you are interested in either of Stuartís classes which come highly recommended.

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