Burns Supper

(if anyone has photos please send them in)

Over sixty people packed into the hall for this year's Burns Supper, an extremely enjoyable and successful evening organised by Beth Campbell whose ability to mastermind such events is not only astonishing but also well known. When the tickets became available in early January they were all sold within 24 hours so many were disappointed and the hall could have been filled twice over. In the absence of a piper Beth processed in with the haggis to the sounds of Murray Willisís accordion, and Murray also played at various times in the evening. A cast of experienced Burnsí performers were assembled starting with Iain Weir whose accomplished address to the haggis was much appreciated and enjoyed. Barbara McDougall led the Selkirk Grace and after the delicious food, Freda Drysdale gave an informative and amusing Immortal Memory, having stood in after a late cancellation.

Thanks to the labour (no doubt of love) of David White, the hall was decorated with framed extracts from Burnsí prose and poetry and David had also printed table mats with extracts which we were invited to circulate after reading so, we were not only greatly enjoying the food and bonhomie, but also paying due deference to the most celebrated poet not just in Scotland and Britain but the world. Freda told us that there were more statues of Burns than of any other person apart from saints, who really do have a head start, and that over 200 countries hold suppers in his honour. Katy Crossan gave a spirited reading of Tam Oí Shanter with audience participation and Bethís rendition of To a Mouse was prefaced with the story that she used to walk in front of her late fatherís tractor during harvest beating the ground to warn the many nesting field mice.

After Beth thanked the many who had helped her in making this yet another great evening of celebration in Lismore, John Livingstone thanked Beth on behalf of all.

The evening ended with linked arms and the singing of Auld Lang Syne

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