The Lismore exchange has been upgraded and we should now be able to get faster broadband on the island. However you have to phone BT to request an upgrade, which should be free. I spent a very frustrating day yesterday trying to do this, resulting in a complaint to the Managing Director, Customer Services. I received a telephone call and the email below this morning.

I have also had reports that others on the island have been unsuccessful when telephoning BT. I have been assured that anyone phoning now should not have a problem

Hello Mrs Wilson

Thank you for your time this morning.

Firstly let me apologise for the poor experience you encountered yesterday. I am investigating as to why you were transferred around so many departments and will be ensuring this does not happen again.

I have someone in our Sales team placing your order at the moment and this should complete in the next 5 working days- I will send your Order confirmation and reference number once I have it.

I believe that some of the other people on the island have an interest in upgrading too so if they could call 0800 800 150 Option 1 (To place an order), Option 3 (to regrade), Option 2 (Broadband).

The speeds you will get will be dependant on many additional factors such as home wiring (extensions), ensuring all working telephone sockets have a micro-filter on them, time of day ( the internet can be slightly slower in peak hours)

Attached is a link and a Speed Wizard to help explain the above detail in order to maximise any Broadband speeds you will get.,407,753

If you have any queries or questions the above link should help or please feel free to contact me


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