This is to remind you that the deadline for posting your completed ballot papers in the ballot box in Lismore Stores is 4.00pm this Friday, 17 December.


Each permanent resident aged 16 and over was supplied with a ballot paper just over a week ago and it is very important that a high proportion  are completed and delivered to the ballot box, so that the Community Council has a clear indication of islanders' wishes.

If you haven't already done so, please do cast your vote.


If you are unable to get your completed ballot paper to Lismore Stores and you would like to have it collected and posted in the ballot box, please call Julian Wormleighton (760318) before Friday.


Lastly, you are reminded that the vote will be counted at a public meeting held at 7.30pm on Friday at Lismore Public Hall. The count procedure and the criteria for establishing the result as a valid direction for action by the Community Council will be explained at the meeting, prior to the ballot box being opened.


Thank you.


Lismore Community Council                                                                                           15 December 2010

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