School Food Week

Lismore Primary took part in Britain’s National School Meals week which ran daily from 8 to 12 November, all events organized by the  energetic and enterprising catering manager  Hazel MacCormick. On Monday it was Britain's Biggest School Lunch when parents and guests were invited to join the children in a delicious school dinner of lasagne, several varieties of salad, bread rolls and a chocolate and ice-cream desert. In welcoming guests and thanking Hazel, head teacher Catherine Davies told us that Hazel had used no fewer than 14 fruits and vegetables.  After the food the children heard a fair-trade talk from Pauline Cameron from Oban – a fair-trade town – to talk about fair-trade and how it helped the producers of foods we eat everyday. The children then took part in a blindfold test to see if they could recognise common fair trade foods. Finally, a name the baby competition, featuring children and guests, proved remarkably hard  in many cases, but not for winner Laura Cook who won  a box of  chocolates.

All the week’s events were designed to be fun, to promote healthy eating and exercise, and to teach the children about many aspects of food. On Tuesday the children made pizzas and smoothies and on Wednesday  a  dance teacher from Atlantis Leisure gave a hip hop class showing how exercise can not only be fun but also done with no equipment. Thursday 11 was an apt day to remember when and why school meals were introduced in the 1940s, and islanders who had earlier worked in school catering were invited to lunch and to talk about how school food has changed over the years.

Finally Friday was to be a visit to the Pier House in Port Appin to learn all about fine dining, setting tables with the front of house team and having a seafood master class with head chef Derek McLean.


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