Alison Jane MacLean


Islanders are mourning the loss of Alison Jane Maclean who died suddenly on the 13 February. She has left three children Carol, Duncan, and Flora, her mother Jessie Stewart, two sisters Anna and Janette, and one granddaughter Shannon. Her funeral on a beautiful sunny day was one of the largest the island has ever seen with people coming from as far as Tiree and London, people her life had touched in her 55 years, most of which were lived in Lismore apart from a spell in Tiree where she went with her husband Donald, a native of that island.


Speaking at her funeral, the Rev Roderick Campbell reminded the packed church that Alison had lived her life for her family and the community; she had even been on the vacancy committee responsible for appointing him.  Her contribution to every area of Lismore life included being on the Community Council, the hall committee, the community bus committee, the school board and, most notably, with husband Donald, she had started the raft race and games which bring so many people to the island every August. Alison was always in the front of any volunteering group, and in the days before the cafť, started a tearoom in the hall in the summer to make life more pleasant for locals and visitors.


During the service Alasdair MacKinnon spoke movingly, painting a picture of Alisonís life on Tiree, of her great friendship with his mother and family. To many this was a welcome and touching glimpse of an Alison only a few knew.


To judge by the numbers who came to the church to pay their respects and who later sat with the family in the hall, Alisonís contributions did not go unappreciated. It would be no exaggeration to say that the energy she put into making the quality of life better for everyone is inestimable.


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