At a recent gig in the hall it was easy to see why Rallion are considered one of the most accomplished contemporary folk groups in Scotland. Their sound is clean and dynamic and ranges from driving complicated rhythms to deeply felt moving ballads. These four multi instrumental performers played together so well,  with such sharp rhythms and  tuning, they were consistently thrilling. They also generated a great deal of sound  helped by Lismore hallís quite new music system operated, on this occasion, by Davie Garret. The group come from Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Perthshire and feature virtuoso fiddle from Fiona Cuthill and Andrew Lyons, the hauntingly fierce voice of Marieke McBean who also plays guitar and bodhran , and the virtuoso guitar and bouzouki playing of Steve Lawrence. Having the opportunity to hear such top flight performing on a small island was certainly stimulating and enjoyable. They also told some great stories.  Catch them somewhere if you can.