Homecoming Lismore 2009


Now that we are coming down to earth after a marvellous week of entertainment, good food and drink, history and genealogy, story telling, walking and good weather, it is time for the organising group (Jennifer Baker, Donald Black, Margaret Black, Laura Gloag, Bob Hay and Barbara McDougall) to thank the very many people who made it a success. 


This webpage of thanks is for islanders we are writing separately to our visiting artists and performers who gave such good value. 


Thanks to:

Duncan Livingstone, our island host

David Gloag and the Museum Volunteers, who held things together at the Centre

Archie MacColl and Ian Mackinnon, who were never off the road 

Sadie and the actors, young and older, enthusiastic and professional whatever the weather

Gill Meddes and the Lismore Garden Team

Margaret B and Margaret MacD, the shared meal team, and everyone clearing up

Our talented performers: Davie Garrett and Na Balaich; Sarah Campbell; Mary MacDougall; Malcolm MacCorquodale; Lan MacDonald

Our pipers Ronald Black and Angus Nicolson, both sons of the island

Bean an Taigh Katie Crossan

Roderick Campbell and the Sunday team

Ann Livingstone and Mairi Campbell for guiding us though some new dances

The Fire Brigade for erecting and dismantling the marquee

Valerie Livingstone for the marquee

Sephen Green for smoothing the way with microphone and powerpoint

Freda MacGregor, storytelling impresario and kist filler

John Raymond for the Achanard walk maps

Dr Iain McNicol, whose defibrillator was on hand to give confidence to the walkers

Our bards Chris Small and Margaret Black

Pauline Dowling for her very full reporting

David Wilson for his inexhaustible supplies

Teenie Wilson and her Website team for months of work

The CELM Directors, always on hand to support

The island artists and craft experts


And not least

All of the visitors who contributed to a very memorable week

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