Lismore Film Club.


A huge thank you to everyone who contacted me about the Film Club. We are ready to get it up and running!
David has very kindly offered a shelf in Lismore Stores where we can house the film club Ė all we need now are the DVDís!


If you wish to donate any films to the club please gather them together and write me out a list of what films you are donating. Then put your name or initials on the back of each DVD so we know who they belong to. Give them to me or leave them in the shop for me. I will keep a record of your films in case you ever want them back.
Please donít donate any special films you couldnít bear to lose. We are trusting everyone to look after each others films and return them in the condition they got them in Ė however the Film Club cannot accept any responsibility for films that go missing or get damaged.


I have put a coloured stripey book beside the films in the shop and all you do is record what  film you borrow, when you took it and when you return it.

Happy watching! Lorraine

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