Book Fair week

Lismore’s third annual Book Fair week, organised by Barbara McDougall and Jennifer Baker, was very well patronised when it opened on Monday 16 November with a speech of welcome, an invitation to drinks and nibbles in the café, and preview of the week’s events. 

Three special exhibitions ran all week: Margaret Black’s Lismore faces - photographs she has collected of Liosachs up to the 1950s -, Davie Garret’s exhibition of  books and items about piping, and David White’s history of book binding with some fine examples of how it has developed over time.  In the library there was a second hand book stall, a calligraphy display by Barbara McDougall and various art works.

The Museum shop was a great focus with a wide selection of Christmas gifts some made on the island and some gathered by Ina MacColl who has made the shop a prominent part of the Museum complex.

Waterstone’s visited on the Tuesday with a selection of books for all ages and Thursday’s storytelling and poetry reading attracted an interested group including a couple from Lismore in Australia who had chosen to visit specifically for the book fair. The week finished with an afternoon of play reading.

The Museum is now closed for the winter but can be opened by arrangement; for details see the Lismore website or phone 01631 760 030.
The café is also closed but will open again in January.

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