Amnesty Bash 2009

They Think It's All Over...
It Is Now!!!
And wasn't it sensational!

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By far and away the most successful Amnesty Bash so far. With approx 120 paying guests and a staggering 900 pounds raised for Charity! The entire event went out live on Radio Six International, Celtic Music Radio AM1530, and on a worldwide LFW.

After a short introduction from Freda Macgregor and Shona Wright getting us off to an Excellent start.
Then at 8:00 sharp Mark Heavenor took to the stage with some fantastic melodic Jazz guitar and his own rendition of 'Blackbird'.

Followed by The Fabulous Baker Girls who played us some lovely Acoustic songs including the wonderful 'Tony's Song' which is one of their own and a brilliant cover of the classic song, 'Angel from Montgomery'

A change in tone was in store when No Nightmares took to the stage opening with 'Voodoo Child' the classic Hendrix song, No Nightmare then continued to play a belter of a set, one of their longest and best ever. Proving that they have really matured in their months of silence. Even playing a brilliant encore with guest vocals from Chrissie Brunton and Jess Jamieson

And then Winginit came on Stage... and something very special happened. Winginit, armed only with their two guitars, their voices, and their tremendous skill, proceeded to whip the entire audience into a frenzy, with incredible covers of, Pink Floyd, Brittney Spears, and the classic, 'Play that Funky Music White Boy'. Arguably the best band of the night, Winginit will be remembered on Lismore for a very long time. A massive thanks to Chaz and Adam.

We then had a break with a Raffle.
Followed By the Lismore boys.
The Lismore Boys played a brilliant dance set and had everyone up for the classic, 'Orcadian Strip the Willow' which as usual, filled the entire hall with dancers.

CHUNKS then took to the stage to draw the biggest crowd of the whole night, and by god did they earn it. Despite the low blood level in their alcohol stream, they were sensational. Barely a single person was standing still for so much as five minutes of their one hour set. Playing classic songs by The Killers, and Razorlight, to Johnny Cash and Niel Young, along with some great songs of their own. I have lived on Lismore my whole life and I am sure I have never seen a crowd anything like the one for Chunks, a massive thank you to Paul, Stevo and Stuart for their tremendous talent.

This left us with one band still to play, any guesses?

Spin-Offs headlined the night, going on Stage at about 1:00am, and although the crowd had dwindled slightly after Chunks, no one was going to let that ruin the party! Spin-Offs provided their usual hyper, super energetic indie rock getting the whole hall jumping, with covers from Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Pendulum, to The Dandy Warholls, everything in between, and a few catchy wee numbers of their own. Until eventually, after their second Encore, they left the stage, exhausted, ending the night with a band just before 2:00am.

A massive thank you to Jonny Vilaihong, our excellent Sound engineer for the night.
And to Jonothan, Grant and Danny, our brilliant Security staff.
To the entire Lismore Hall Committee for all their hard work.
Paige Williamson for her photographs.
The Meddes family for the huge undertaking they took on.
Katy Crossan for MC'ing.
Duncan Brooks for helping out in so many ways
Of 'course, all of the bands and artists and everyone who took part.

And most of all, Thank you very very much, to everyone who came along we look forward to seeing you next time.

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