Hi folks,

On Sunday 3rd May, Iím taking part in the Great Edinburgh Run.  This is the first race that Iíve ever run and Iíve been training hard Ė mostly by struggling my way around Arthurís Seat in force 8 gales being overtaken by marathon-running grannies!  The race is 10kms (just over 6 miles) around one of the hilliest cities in Britain...I think Iím certifiably insane! 

I am running to raise money for MARIE CURIE CANCER RESEARCH, and Iíd like to raise as much as possible, so Iím appealing to the good folk of Lismore to help me.  There is a sponsor form in the shop (thanks, David!) along with an envelope.  If you can, please sponsor me: any amount would be very gratefully received.  Every £20 I raise will pay for one hourís nursing in a cancer patientís home.  For anyone who canít get to the shop, and who might want to sponsor me, you can contact me on

After the race, Iíll post an update on the community website to tell folk the final amount that Iíve raised.  The race will be televised on channel 5 (if youíre really stuck for something to do!), and itíll be easy to spot me amongst the 9,999 other runners.  Firstly, I will be moving at about half the pace of everyone else.  Secondly, I will be tripping over a stylish luminous yellow Marie Curie running vest (they sent me a large size, so it goes down to my knees and the armholes are roughly level with my navel).

Many thanks for any help you can give.

Ailsa Clarke (used to be Templeton... ďFredaís daughter,Ē for those of you who donít know me!)

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