Dr Ian McNicol's Retirement

Iain and Winnie MacNicol were guests of honour at a Ceilidh and Dance to celebrate and look back on Iain’s 29 years in charge of island health care. 

The Minister, Roderick Campbell, was an entertaining MC who paid tribute to Iain and introduced an evening showcasing Lismore’s talent and creativity.
Highlight was the primary school play written and produced by Ali Cunningham which featured one of the children playing Dr Iain turning up for his Monday surgery in the hall to find a waiting room full of patients, played by all the primary and pre five children,  presenting with a load of amusing  problems for Dr Iain to solve.

The Lismore Primary Folk group were equally entertaining and impressive.

Other performers were Murry Willis on the box,  Colin Black on guitar, and singers Duncan Livingstone, Mary MacDougall and Sarah Campbell.

Margaret Black looked back on her time working with Iain “in various guises”, as she said, in 26 of his 29 years. She paid tribute to his work with the travellers, his unstinting efforts in making sure patients got the best end of life care in their homes where possible,  and she spoke for all when she wished Iain and Winnie a happy, healthy and interesting retirement.

Archie MacColl proposed a toast, Mairi Smith presented Iain with his farewell gifts and two of the younger girls presented Winnie with flowers.

In his speech of thanks Iain told us he had crossed to Lismore 6000 times in all weathers and a further 1000 times in emergencies for which we were all very grateful. Health care on an island is always of great concern and the gratitude to Iain for his unstinting care and efforts to improve things over the years was evident throughout the evening.

After tea and home baking the evening continued with a dance to the music of Neil Sinclair band. 

A book is now circulating on the island in which islanders are being invited to inscribe their own personal messages.

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