Lismore Sports and Raft Race 2009
thanks to David White, Lindsey Farrow and others who sent in photos


Saturday 18th July saw the annual Lismore Sports and Raft Races Day down at Sailean. It was a great day as always - with people coming from near and far (very far in some cases!) to enjoy the day and take part in some of the fun events, and to catch up with friends - old and new. The weather was cloudy and fresh - but the rain stayed away and didn't spoil any of the fun. 
The day started at 12pm with the Raft Races. Some brave souls ventured out on the water in their intricately engineered rafts that had taken months to design (though most were knocked up that morning!) There were costumes, wacky names, mad designs and loads of laughs!

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The results were as follows:

Children's Raft Race.

1st - Reuben Paine and Friends.
Best Design - Christopher and Connor with their raft - Bata Dubh
Best Name - Pink Piranha.


Adults Raft Race.

1st Lismore Cafe Crew.
Best Design - HMS Goodwin.
Best Name - Timatanga Waka 2


The Raft Race was judged by Alan and Tina Walker.

After the raft races everyone stopped for a break and a refreshment from Roger, Gilly and co. who cooked up yummy bacon rolls. burgers, hotdogs, juice, teas, sweets and crisps.

Then it was onto the sports field for the races and events. The results were as follows.

Primary 1 and 2.

Flat Race - 1st - Henry.
Potato and Spoon Race - 1st - Calum.
3 legged race - 1st - Calum and Eoghan. 

Primary 3 and 4.

Flat Race - 1st - Seamus
Potato and Spoon Race - 1st - Jessica.
3 legged race - 1st - Seamus and Jessica.

Primary 5,6 and 7.

Flat Race - 1st - Chloe
Potato and Spoon Race - 1st - Lauren.
3 legged race - 1st - Becky and Chloe.

Teenage Girls.

Flat Race - 1st - Eilidh.
Discus - 1st - Jemma.
Shot Put - 1st - Jemma.

Hill Race - 1st and medal - Eilidh. 

Overall Champion - 1st and Shield - Eilidh.

Teenage Boys.

Flat Race - 1st - Scott.
Sheaf Tossing - 1st - Robert.
Shot Put - 1st - Ross.
Hammer Throw - 1st - Robert.
3 Legged Race - 1st - Calum and Kieran.

Hill Race - 1st and medal - Calum. 

Overall Champion - 1st and Shield - Scott. 


Flat Race - 1st - Donna Smith.
Sheaf Tossing - 1st - Jemma Campbell.
Discus Throw - 1st - Katy Smith.
Shot Put - 1st - Donna Smith.
3 Legged Race - 1st - Donna and Jemma .

Hill Race - 1st and Medal - Donna Smith. 

Overall Champion - Shield and Craignich Cup - Donna Smith . 


Flat Race - 1st - Lorne MacDougall .
Sheaf Tossing - 1st - George MacColl .
Shot Put - 1st - Robbie Cook .
Hammer Throw - 1st - Robbie Cook.

Hill Race - 1st and Medal - Eoghan Black. 

Overall Champions - Ted Memorial Cup - George MacColl and Robbie Cook.

The Tugs-o-War as always were hotly contested. Team Leader for the North was Archie MacGillivray and Team Leader for the South was Iris MacColl. The judge of the tugs-o-war was Rev. Dr. Roderick Campbell.

The results were as follows.

Primary - winners were North End.
Teenagers - winners were South End.
Ladies - winners were South End.
Men - winners were North End.

The day ended with medals and cups being presented by Alan and Tina.
A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came and joined in on the day. And to everyone who helped with all the preparations and on the day. Special thanks to Alan and Tina, Rev. Campbell and to David Gloag who was our brilliant MC for the day. Thank also to Carol and Julian for donating the Craignich Cup for the Ladies Champion.
We will be having a meeting in Autumn to begin to plan for next years event - please come along - we need your support!
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